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Video: Cappadonna – Don’t Turn Around

Off The Cappatilize Project.

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19 Responses to “Video: Cappadonna – Don’t Turn Around”


    does this sample ace of base


    I smoked me a blunt of sour
    That produced more smoke
    then when the first missel hit the twin tower
    You saw a plane I aint see one
    I saw a ball of fire
    And it begun
    Through treason
    The inconventional truth that you speak on
    Global threat is the U.S.
    Thru Occuptations and the recons
    Who am I just a rican
    In the booth with a beat on
    The people surround me they tell me preech on
    not like a pastor or a decon
    More like an activist that spit
    About the hazordous conditions
    that we live on
    You caught up in Obama-
    Hoping he wins the election
    But what about his CFR connection

  3. eskay Says:

    nobody cares woody

  4. eskay Says:

    smh @ niggas just discovering conspiracy theories last year and getting all riled up. I got over that shit like 10 years ago. you will too when you realize you can’t do shit about it. kids these days.

  5. Smear Says:



    Eskay is a closet pato

  7. Smear Says:

    nice to see someone still tacklin the hard[ll] issues


    Niggas care more about auto tune love songs

    I don’t say nothing when you bump ya head to that shit

  9. pockets Says:

    recently i have been contemplating “conspiracy” theories that i believe in, and altho i dont think theres a secret society of cloaked men who fuck dead donkeys n shit, i do believe theres obviously an elite that do control the world. its just they dont have a specific name and its not a small group of people, but its all the politicians that we see and the ceo’s of corporations. so i will never make fun of someone who believes in illuminati because what they believe in is a few controlling the world and this is very true. but its mad lazy to just chalk everything up to a secret society’s doing, thats for people who dont want to think. its more complicated than that, its a deep network of people that want to take all of the world’s wealth.

  10. Big Homie Says:

    *stumbles out the club*
    *sees a Cappa post*
    *hails a cab*

  11. Tumer Says:

    I’v thought about the Obama-Hitler comparrison for a minute..
    whoa. hold on there Digi… that shit’s a bit rich innit? I appreciate caution, skepticism and serious critical thinking, but that’s just shock-value shit. Slow ya roll….

  12. EnglandRepresent Says:

    you’re done sleep give it up.

    ^^lmfao. Don’t know why.

  13. eskay Says:

    I don’t speak that guala guala shit

  14. pockets Says:

    and while i have for the past year been advocating Ron Paul, because my man was no longer running i was kinda facing a dilemma. i was sure i was going to vote third party (hell no its not a waste of a vote thats what they want u to think). but when i stepped into the polling booth, i pulled the lever on obama’s name for mainly two reasons. one, if anything, at least minorities and blacks in this country can have someone to look up to and the future can aspire to be what they want. the other thing is he seems to be riling up all of this support, even tho its not for the candidate who i want, its still people getting involved for someone. and now that he has this sort of rock star appeal, everyone will be paying attention to all his moves which means for once people may be paying attention to what the government is doing. it mite be a longshot, but we’ll see what happens…


    Eskay mad cause he copped mad gallons of water and canned beans and rice to prepare for Y2K

    Eskay I aint as old as you, and Iv only been reading on this shit for almost 3 years, rest of my life I was a street nigga with a very closed mind..

    But let HIV P blog from jail about it and you give it a post

  16. eskay Says:

    of course there’s a hidden hand controlling world events. what I wanna know is, what the fuck are you niggas gonna do about it? what, you fucking guys who argue on the internet are gonna battle the Illuminati? what are you gonna do, throw rocks at the tanks when they come to put you in the “death camps”? you guys live in fantasy land.

  17. eskay Says:

    >>But let HIV P blog from jail about it and you give it a post

    lol. he wrote Shook Ones.

  18. hip hop cops Says:

    *dead dead dead* at every eskay rebuttal

    *worships the sun and questions gravitational pull of “stars”*

  19. Belize Says:

    NIce track…actually, prob the best shyt from Cap i heard in a while..def gonna look for his new ish

    That cake looks fucking good btw

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