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Video: Budden & Ortiz Go Window Shopping

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16 Responses to “Video: Budden & Ortiz Go Window Shopping”

  1. nation Says:

    “d-block is bad news… they sip grand cru too”

  2. Ty big's Says:

    pockets Says:
    November 6th, 2008 at 12:40 am
    i would kill like twenty endangered lizards to get the full version of that jay track

    ….. seriously any word on when the whole song will drop, all these motherfuckers did their ode to barack before he got elected Jeezy should of dropped my president is black yesterday cause that would of had everyone going extra crazy, like they weren’t already

  3. smear83 Says:

    “She (The Game) is heartbroke, she wanna get back to Dre, she misses the milk and cookies. She misses the walks in the park I guess. Baby girl got the Heineken bottle sticker on her face”

    Names Bishop used to refer to Game in this interview: “That Girl”, “Star Face”, “Sweetheart”, “Sunburst Chest”, “Tomato Paste Chest” and “Sticker Face”

  4. M-Lito aka Ghost Says:

    *plays fav. 50 song now*

  5. Ty big's Says:

    and don’t tell me when BP3 drops cause that would be retarded he needs to take some journalism classes and learn about a thing called timeliness

  6. Tumer Says:

    # nation Says:
    November 6th, 2008 at 8:55 am

    “d-block is bad news… they sip grand cru too”
    Oh that’s what he said, thanks for clearin that up nation

    Whatup Nah?

  7. M-Lito aka Ghost Says:

    bat miztvah

  8. M-Lito aka Ghost Says:

    chanting down babylon

  9. eskay Says:

    rofl @ the picture selection


    man, how mad are the rednecks gonna be.

  10. TheCo!!inB Says:

    so no one is gonna say anyting about Joell wearing the Wright Brothers first bomber jacket?

  11. a tribe called quest Says:


  12. spirit equality Says:

    these dudes are a nonstop comedy team. they don’t stop making jokes…ever. joe and joell need to do a tour of stand up comedy clubs and just talk shit about each other for an hour. LOL.

  13. M* of SunriseSundown.Blogspot.com Says:

    omggg mad funnyy!!

    i never thought id feel just lik a rapper when it came to clothing

  14. Slayer Says:

    He’d have a better chance playin broke…. dude copped for 140…lol wack

  15. A Sock-O-Drama Says:

    roflmao! YAOOOWAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

  16. ENIG MUE Says:

    Video Down

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