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Brother Ali – Mr. President (You’re The Man)


Brother Ali – Mr. President (You’re The Man)

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21 Responses to “Brother Ali – Mr. President (You’re The Man)”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Slow down cowboy

  2. Beezy Says:

    No jokes…I never seen this dude before….


  3. Mark Twain Fame Says:

    yes yes yes this track is amd dope…white albino spits some hot fiyah like dylan, dylan, dylan, dylan, and dylan…


    # ave Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 4:29 pm




  4. CiCi The Intern Says:

    # Big Homie Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 4:37 pm


    ^ Ya’ll need to get this t-shirt

    (safe for work)

    That shit is ignorant as hell, I’m sorry LOL!

  5. Big Homie Says:

    No jokes…I never seen this dude before….

    ^ Really? Type in his name in the search you’ll see a bunch of posts. You must of been absent. He is actually nice.


    Seeing Obama win gave me so many mixed emotions but mostly it was sense of concern for my people. i’m happy that people are excited about the possible progression we can make in the future, but on another note we have to overstand and innerstand that the world we live in has just changed FOREVER. things will never be the same and all our trust and belief that we can change this world should not be in the hands of a government that has decieved us and tricked us time and time again this country has made promises over and over and again and never came through. WAKE UP it kinda saddens me that people have this almost MESSIAH LIKE ADMIRATION for this man. This almost rockstar celebrity he’s attained is frightening. This Country, the imperialistic structure of european influence and the cornerstone of white supremecy and global enslavement has just had a facelift and his name is BARACK OBAMA . You don’t believe a word i’m saying but when the shit hits the fan and every single right you thought you had is taken away remember the crazy nigga who was misinformed or disillusioned from concrete loop that tried to warn you. …..Take this election and your new found interest in activism and politics and learn as much as you can…the negative and the positive and don’t trust this nigga to change this world….TRUST YOURSELF TO CHANGE THIS WORLD…as bob would say WAKE UP AND LIVE…the great Fred Hampton once said ” politics is war without bloodshood and war is just politcs with bloodshed” and those words ring more true than they ever have…….OPEN YOUR EYES THERE IS A NATURAL MYSTIC IN THE AIR-

  7. chea Says:

    bro ali = underground GOAT

    if you truly don’t know about him then get familiar

    p.s. OUR PRESIDENT’S MIDDLE NAME IS HUSSEIN. like, fatal hussein isn’t even sinister-sounding anymore. shit is presidential like “fatal nixon” or “fatal clinton.” OBAMA UP! CHI-TOWN UP!

  8. Big Homie Says:

    That shit is ignorant as hell, I’m sorry LOL!

    ^ Yea but wasn’t that picture of the guy on the bike about black ignorant too?

    Ali’s face blends in with the background of this pic.

  9. M-Lito aka Ghost Says:

    This brother is dope….y’all niggas should listen

  10. Joe 88 Says:

    Boy, white people was maaaaaaaaaad as shit today at my job today. Felt great, lol.

    lol @ black folks too, soon as a person of color wins, we sure make a profit off of it.

    O.J got off, sell “O.J is free” shirts on every corner

    I seen so many fiends with barack shirts on today. I just rocked my old navy shirt with the american flag on it. Feels good to be american right now.

    So I lived thru 2 historic events in america

    9 11
    First black president.

    Being born in the 80’s > Being born any other time.

    And fuck what this white nigga is talking bout.

  11. Ty big's Says:

    Yianni Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 4:08 pm
    @ Ty

    I’ve deleted so many friends last nite from facebook because of this shit.. it’s scary as hell to see how many racist and/or hella conservative friends I had.

    People who think that the government is going take everyones money and blah blah.. Obama wants to tax people who make more than 250gs, yes.. and tax people who make less, less taxes. This was teddy Roosevelt’s tax plan 100 years ago.. But ignorant ass people are thinking that the people that make less are lazy and they are just going to get free shit.. But that’s not true.. I own a small business that isn’t doing well right now.. I work my ass off and don’t make as much, does that mean I’m lazy and want handouts from the government?

    … word I don’t have a myspace/facebook page so I can’t comment on that but those are probably just ignorant ass racists who became that way because they had those thoughts and negative ideas about black people passed down to them from generation to generation and if you look at the #’s of white voters who voted for Obama you can tell theres a large segment of white people who don’t look at race as an issue and those people will raise their kids to think the same and the still racist people will have a damn hard time convincing their kids blacks are inferior when the kid can ask but isn’t our president black, My dad obviously voted for Obama just because of everything he went through in his life he recognized and appreciated the historical significance but he hates Obama’s tax plan, my pops makes way over 250,000 $ a year and he stays contributing to to ll types of different charities and cutting checks for his old school in J.C. he believes he does have a duty to do more but he doesn’t believe the government should decide what to do with it because he doesn’t trust it, and there are white people who are only concerned about the money being lost too least face it we are a greedy society on the whole and people don’t want the gov’t sticking their hands in their pockets, me I’m cool with the higher taxes, like I said mine and my families worth quadrupled with Bush in office and would only improve if McCain won but real talk money isn’t that important to me as long as I am comfortable I’m good I don’t need anymore so I will gladly lose some money for Obama to win but not everyone feels that way ….

  12. CiCi The Intern Says:

    Big Homie Says:
    November 5th, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    That shit is ignorant as hell, I’m sorry LOL!

    ^ Yea but wasn’t that picture of the guy on the bike about black ignorant too?

    They both were ignorant. However, there is no need to fight ignorance with ignorance

  13. Joe 88 Says:

    I don’t wanna hear no white people talking around me for the next 3 weeks or i’m slapping the shit out of them.

    Fuck this white nigga “Ali” too

    Just off GP.

    I can do things like that now, me & the president finally got something in common besides smoking weed & screwing fat white bitches.

  14. Ty big's Says:

    look at this another white guy talking about how glad he is this happened people need to stop acting like this is a victory for blacks and a huge loss for whites, the votes showed the majority of whites under 65 wanted this too

    and stop trying to do what the republicans were doing and separate and divide and realize that this brings everyone together and closer to us, leading to hopefully end the need to specify african-americas latin americans or just americans ( really european americans ) and we can all now just be considered as americans but with every black person trying to further the gap by scream crackers this and crackers that and these crackers are mad as shit, that just cancels out exactly what yesterday was all about, this is a new generation letting their voices be heard and that generation have moved passed race as an issue and hip-hop and the vast amount of bi-racial kids have gone a long way to to making this possible

  15. Beezy Says:

    LOL @ Joe

    Obama wouldn’t support such statements…

  16. eskay Says:

    >>Fuck this white nigga “Ali” too

    yousa nigger

  17. PW Says:

    I had no idea what Brother Ali looked like.

  18. ChicagoDun Says:

    whuddup with all of these posts calling this song ignorant? this is one of the illest and most truthful political victory songs ever in hip-hop. SMH at those who have heard Brother Ali before and didn’t know he was white, ya’ll sleepin right now. Hit up your music source and get Ali’s past shyt so you can understand. And Joe88 youre a sorry ass excuse for a human being, retire from life.

  19. MalakiDaGod Says:


  20. Pain Says:

    He spittin. But for some reason he reminds me of say…. Burt or Earnie Rockin the mic wit his voice in certain parts. Still better than 95% of this Bullshit thats spinnin ri now.

  21. ChicagoDun Says:

    white albino

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