Video: Joe Budden x Charles Hamilton

Here’s part two of Novel’s footage with Slaughterhouse.

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13 Responses to “Video: Joe Budden x Charles Hamilton”

  1. 88andup Says:

    That common line was sick

  2. Ty big's Says:

    !Ven-Tech? Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 8:10 pm
    Man this shit about to be funny…because really I think the ONLY way McCain will win is if…well there’s really no way dude can win.

    But if he does, I mean, what the fuck is the country gonna do? There is not a single person excited about McCain winning. You can say racists but they aint excited about McCain, that just don’t want a colored in the white house. They fucked up wit Condoleeza. I wonder do people regret letting her in?

    ….. your crazy son, I don’t know why people are taking this shit so for granted theres mad people out there supporting McCain just because they aren’t the people you associate and see on a daily basis you get caught up in your circle and what you see and hear from the media and on the internet but the McCain fans have been staying quiet but they are out there by the masses, and guess what it’s the rich folk and big businesses that want McCain to win because they want the take breaks he will give them and continue to give them for outsourcing jobs, and guess what what the rich men/big business wants the big business usually gets …. please people stop thinking like this and definitely stop saying this, the Obama campaign themselves say they are acting like they are 10 points behind so should all of us, and if you do believe the polls and the hype than you should be scared because the polls have been drastically shifting in McCain’s favor over the last couple of days


    Is anyone else having problems with the red XBOX 36O controller?

  4. Big Homie Says:

    Game time. Go Skins. Are you ready for some footbaaaaall. A Monday Night partaaaaaay.

  5. sleep Says:

    I’m not even using my celly on line tommorrow cause these crackers might try to say I was campaining for obama

  6. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    “Your whole demeanors like Serena Will everything in you’s Common” (no)

  7. JALbert Says:

    Barack’s citizenship is not in any way in question. Right wing conspiracy theorists wanted to stir up shit because Hawaii wouldn’t release his birth certificate. Well, no shit, unless you’re family they’re not going to release anyone’s birth certificate. Obama has posted a copy on his website, and Hawaii has verified that he has a genuine birth certificate.

    People will believe anything on the internet, I swear…

  8. sleep Says:

    I’m not attracted to sereana williams I’m sorry I don’t like muscular chicks

  9. jBBBB Says:

    who said you had to be attracted to SERENA williams?

    ????? you’re confused.

  10. JaySmooth Says:

    What was that song at the end.

  11. jBBBB Says:

    “what was that song at the end?”


    ONSLAUGHT – slaughterhouse (joey, royce, joell, crooked)

    no i’m not kidding. type it in google you’ll get the download.

  12. Riles Says:

    Charles Hamilton the only rapper who wear the same shit everyday

  13. Just.... Says:

    Truth riles, i been thinkin that shit to.

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