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Ne-Yo feat. Fabolous – How Do I


Ne-Yo feat. Fabolous – How Do I

Via OS, who also has another Ne-Yo cut if this doesn’t fulfill your R&B needs.

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5 Responses to “Ne-Yo feat. Fabolous – How Do I”

  1. J Grilla Says:

    This summer we gettin more drops than eye balls (c) Los

  2. smear83 Says:

    TUMER Says:

    November 1st, 2008 at 10:06 am
    Don’t get me wrong Nas is one of the greatest mc’s of all time. But his rep as some sort of insightful,knowledgeable “prophet” is overstated. Andre3000, Face, Hov, Ra, Killer Mike, shit even Pac and maybe saigon are much more informed/articulate/insightful artists. Nas is a great observer, descriptive, thats why illmatic was so fuckin good, he brought you right into his world. Truthfully he’s like the kid at school who got good grades cos he studied hard, reading listening and straight regurgitating the info he soaked up without having any real grasp/perspective/opinion while the other dudes are like the kids who breezed through class, undertsanding the concepts straight off the bat, forming their own opinion and being able to have a fuckin debate on the issue. and beat yo ass.
    smh@my bloody classroom analogy
    LOL@ last night’s drunken rambling

  3. TUMER Says:

    Loso stay grabbin those R&B checks….

  4. Sidekick II Says:

    Why is illmatic the only reference to his greatness. If you didn’t like the other albums then you didn’t get it. Look at it from his point of view, not in comparison to the goat album jeez

    How can you say he’s not insightful or “knowledgeable” w,e you said, dude had the world contemplating saying nigger to their black friends as a way to desensitize the word pssh.

    im not a nas stan but real recognize real. Stop diminishing him just cause he had your girl singing oochie wally (i bet he would take that back if he could tho.)

  5. lea Says:

    did anyone see Ne-Yo singing national anthem for World Series I think? He needs to keep a hat on, now i see WHY!!!! LOL @ his bald head with remnants of the receding hair line!

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