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Video: Kardinal Offishall Interview w/ DJ MK

Kardi meets DJ Mk of Kiss100.

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8 Responses to “Video: Kardinal Offishall Interview w/ DJ MK”

  1. Ty big's Says:

    ” they told front I said what for /
    they said it again I fuck yall /
    I won’t succumb to all the sterotypes /
    won’t sacrifice me for what the stero hypes /
    they told me get in where you fit in this is whats in demand now /
    I told the why try to fit in when your a standout “

    ” yo I understand somethings off about me /
    but nothings forced about me /
    I never gave a fuck about what a nigga thought about me /
    I look down apon what some see as a must /
    maybe I’m regular and the world needs to adjust /
    I mean I’m everyday people /
    hood but still formal /
    I’m normally abnormal “

  2. 911 Says:

    911 Says:

    November 1st, 2008 at 3:04 pm
    pockets Says:

    November 1st, 2008 at 2:00 pm
    speaking of surfing youtube and listening to old schitt, all day yesterday i was listening to mos def’s shit on YT, and i realized how the heck did i never hear true magic?? and it came out in 06, when i was in heavy food and liquor mode. as i was listening to it, to me it sounded even doper than black on both sides…so in conclusion, can someone send me a link

    >>Is disafuckingppointed. II. I literally campaigned for that album on here.

    Killer Mike >
    Mos Def >
    those two don’t get enough credit…

    my name links to the tracks pockets. i’m unsure as to whether they’re still “live”.


  3. SNORT_SNORTCRAZY88since88 Says:

    Labron = (almost) GOAT (of sneaker ads)

  4. Ty big's Says:

    and She knows what she wants was kinda weak, but that’s nitpicking when looking at the quality of the rest of the record.

    ….. I won’t argue but that song was mad ill to me personally because I swear that song was specifically about this girl I was fucking with at the time, now obviously I don’t mean he really wrote it about her but he wrote it about bitches exactly the one I was fucking with …. I was also awaiting a major court case at that time as well so I could really relate to the Moment of Truth, and IMO above the clouds and the militia are good enough for it to be in my top 5 …

  5. Ty big's Says:

    b-ease Says:
    November 1st, 2008 at 2:59 pm
    Supreme Clintele>>>> = Ironman

    I go back and forth almost weekly trying to figure out which one I prefer but yeah both them and liquid swords will find themselves in my top 5 on certain days

  6. sleep Says:

    Lil penny ads»»labron ads

  7. sleep Says:

    I’m not a sneaker head and I try to stay out of the hood every second since I left but do people hoodlums wear labron sneaks like that

  8. k1ng Says:

    no they don’t.

    tdot gettin nuff love! respect!!!

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