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Video: Camp Lo & Apple Juice Kid Interview

Sonny Cheeba and The Apple Juice Kid, who, along with Ski Beats is helming most of Camp Los new album, A Piece of The Action, chopped it up with us backstage at the AHH.com 10th Anniversary event/panel/gala. Juice talks here about his eight Scratch Beat Battle victories, working with 9th Wonder, how he linked up with Camp Lo, the benefits of organizations like Dynamic Producer and iStandard, hustling music and in general talking that producer slanguage.

Previously: Camp Lo x Newmusicartel.com “Get Your Own Lumdi” Contest

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10 Responses to “Video: Camp Lo & Apple Juice Kid Interview”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Just wanted to be first…bout to go get drunk



    What’s good Rigz, aint shit man, smoking, minding my own business, ima go to the movies tonight to see W.

    Anybody seen it yet?

    Btw DSW > any beat on the L word

  3. nation Says:

    >> Just wanted to be first…bout to go get drunk


  4. RIGZ Says:

    Aight Im outta here

    Eng, Yung Dro & everyone else…bless-I.

  5. nick Says:

    yo….. eskay, any way you can reup that b.o.b track :lovelier than you”?

    shot says it can only be d’led 10 times.

    if anything, just shoot a link


  6. Ty big's Says:

    RIGZ Says:
    October 30th, 2008 at 9:12 pm
    Wasnt Halfway House meant to be on sale??

    I can just download it?? Just like that? Really??

    If anyones downloaded it unofficially, does it have stickers on it? Or is it the real version?

    Let me know

    …. it got released on amalgam digital on their website, so you can order it there for 8.99, I won’t even say the problems I had because I don’t know of anyone else who had a problem, but i bought it twice but of course it’s available on the internets for free if you don’t wanna contribute to the cause ….

  7. Ty big's Says:

    and yeah Rigz the official one is out there to be had, you don’t even need a google search a nah right one will do but I do encourage a proper d/l because no one else had an issue with copping it from there

  8. Ty big's Says:

    * apple juice kid crickets *

    alright I guess I’ll stop procrastinating and actually do some work now

  9. Dynamiks Says:

    NC all day.

    Apple Juice~

  10. Late Pass Says:

    Apple Juice Kid

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