Video: Camp Lo Preview “Da Jaz”

Cheeba and Suede talk about their track “Da Jaz,” one of the six specialty tracks created for their EP for the New Music Cartel.

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18 Responses to “Video: Camp Lo Preview “Da Jaz””

  1. Darth Cipher Says:



    I don’t think jay gon be on that Luda Nas song

  3. 0.9 Says:


  4. 0.9 Says:

    co starring = feat !
    i don’t think…

  5. Ty big's Says:

    Darth Cipher Says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 6:33 pm
    WALE!!!!!!!!… need i say more about the hip hop future, take the new creative sounds and the lyrical proess, and you get a diamond in the rough, he’s my vote for future hip hop heavy hitter

    …. co-sign …..

    I agree with land if I wanna hear someone of this new class just rip a
    ” freestyle ” I wanna hear Cory, musically as a whole I wanna hear charles especially because his production and ear for production is so top notch, then comes jay electronica who could pass Charles if he would put out more music than wale, Wale has the best flow out of all of them and is definitely unique but as a while I have him ranked # 3 of this group

    # 1 charles – like I said all around beats/piano/guitar/lyrics and most important what he chooses to rap about

    # 2 – Jay electronica – again could pass Charles the style wars EP is > than anything from any of these guys but that and a couple other singles is basically all he has dropped I need to hear more

    # 3 Wale – what I said before

    # 4 Cory – again if we just talking about blacking out than he is probably number one but as far as wanting to hear a whole album/mixtape he would be # 4 on this list but co-sign land he did absolutly murk that neh neh neh neh joint

  6. 0.9 Says:

    maybe jay will be on dis luda’s track as well as tha jadakiss’ new song (feat jayz). Some words, but not really a feature
    maybe, if dj premier produces this song, some scratched verses !
    maybe a real ish feat. nas and jay ! daymne!!

  7. 0.9 Says:


    yo if kid cudi would does all his ish as DAYnNITE type of sound
    this dude would be crazy… but… not. or ??

  8. nation Says:

    i’m going to ban you

  9. Beezy Says:

    ^^Embrace the Martian

  10. G7 Says:

    another Sean Bell type incident. smh.

  11. 0.9 Says:

    it’s just fo fun. 2 times !

  12. 0.9 Says:

    # 5 Naledge – If His Hustle was School, in the futur… with a solo ish …
    and some more hot beats, his Hustle will can be Dope !

  13. 0.9 Says:

    sorry but jay elec iz too old to be in this classment
    “how old are you/76 trillion years old”

  14. Darth Cipher Says:

    Kid cudi is someone i like too, his flow is pretty good, but i haven’t heard enough from him… does he have a mixtape out that someone can link me with?…


    Nah he gon be on the track, but preemo didnt make the beat

  16. 0.9 Says:

    yea primo’s beat is MVP
    and only one !

  17. Dee Phunk Says:

    That track sounds fantastic, but this clip was weird as fuck.

  18. spirit equality Says:

    what’s with the dude cheering ‘woooooo!!!!’ over all the bars like a male cheerleader? i couldn’t even hear the bars for all his yodeling.

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