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Jay-Z – Heart Of The City (Sunday Bloody Sunday)


Here’s a pristine copy of a special version of “Heart of The City” that Hov did during a tour stop in Dublin back in ’06. Seeing as they were in U2’s territory, Green Lantern sampled “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and had Dante Hawkins sing the hook.

Jay-Z – Heart Of The City (Sunday Bloody Sunday Edition)

Bonus: Jay-Z ft. Chris Martin, DJ Green Lantern & The Hustler’s Symphony Orchestra – Heart Of The City (London Edition)

Propers to Green for liberating these. I have one more gem that I’ll probably unleash later tonight.

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32 Responses to “Jay-Z – Heart Of The City (Sunday Bloody Sunday)”

  1. nation Says:

    that first one is crazy

  2. 0.9 Says:

    crazy is the first one !
    and who’s the furst…
    his name, please ???
    SdotWHO, SdotWHAT

  3. Ty big's Says:

    @ eskay I know you don’t choose what ads get placed on your site but * daps * anyway because every time I reload the page I see a ad for the new q-tip and it’s in a different spot of the page every time

  4. 0.9 Says:

    rakim, nas, charles hamilton. wale??

    big daddy kane, jay-z, cory gunz.

  5. 0.9 Says:

    CHEA ! CHEA ! ! CHEA ! ! !

  6. AJ Says:

    eskay have a look at the jay-z doc on my page if you can man!

  7. the watcherz Says:

    rakim, nas, charles hamilton. wale??

    big daddy kane, jay-z, cory gunz.
    i can respect that comprasion…..it be even funnier if charlies told corey to slow his down like nas alledgely told jay

  8. Darth Cipher Says:

    not really down with this new vers… skip

  9. 0.9 Says:


  10. Mr.Londoner Says:

    for a sec i thought the hypeman was Chris Martin…

    Lantern really needs to remix A.G

  11. R.J.Orion Says:

    *Opening Night*

    *Madison Square Garden*

    *Knicks vs. Heat*

    in 21 minutes …



    Yo Green>>>>>>>>>

  13. 0.9 Says:

    if not really a comprasion
    and not a comparison too LOL
    just the next chapters
    the next leaders
    …the saga continues


    I prob will never hear it again but im enjoying as i listen now

  15. the watcherz Says:

    *Opening Night*

    *Madison Square Garden*

    *Knicks vs. Heat*

    in 21 minutes …

    co sign

  16. 0.9 Says:

    “charles we don’t believe u u needs more hipsters” cory gunz
    maybe hipsterap’ll be da ish
    as 98 era !
    THE FUTUR…which reserves to us

  17. 0.9 Says:


    THAT’Z BETA ! (+T)



    *Downloads mixtape about nothing*

    I’v heard one song from this dude, bout to see what all the fuss is about

  19. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Where’s all the fuckin Gooner lovin ARSEnal cunts in this gaffe???? Rigga, Victory et al. Fuckin ‘ave some of that you mugs. Sit the fuck down. Yid Army all day. I feel like indulging in some football related violence right about now.

    *slaps Nate over the head and steps on his white Dunlpo Volleys*

    Cooooooooooooome on (nope)

  20. Darth Cipher Says:

    The Heavy Feature Song
    The Kramer
    The Star
    The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature
    The Artistic Integrity… man fuck it, the howle mix tape is fucking dope

  21. Darth Cipher Says:

    whole*… damn fingers type something stupid

  22. ChicagoDun Says:

    nevermind that colin munroe remade this song and shot a video to it jay. ur full of new ideas lately.

  23. farsideoff Says:

    Anybody see the nytimes cover page this day? Barack was looking all Neo-I-am-the-one-save-the-masses. Them McCain as below him looking all dweebish.

  24. 0.9 Says:


  25. RTC Says:

    sunday bloody sunday is a great song.

  26. Kid Icarus Says:

    eskay, you got that Victory?

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  28. YBE Says:

    THE G.O.A.T.

  29. Kid Icarus Says:

    Hova HOva Hova Hova Hova

  30. esquire Says:


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