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Video: Rain Interview w/ True Stories Radio

Hit the jump for part 2.

Previously: Rain – Back 2 Life (prod. by Scram Jones)

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16 Responses to “Video: Rain Interview w/ True Stories Radio”

  1. Tango Says:

    1st bitches….!!!!

  2. moresickaMC Says:

    eskay Says:

    all a matter of opinion.

    the 4 Kanye songs that have leaked > the Curtis album
    Eskay lost

  3. eskay Says:

    Robocop > GRODT

  4. eskay Says:

    Sun > Rain

  5. Ty big's Says:

    eskay Says:
    October 28th, 2008 at 1:45 am
    Robocop > GRODT

    …… no-sign… everything from the new kanye is beyond terrible, the sooner we all can move past this garbage album and forget about it the batter …

  6. nation Says:

    Drizzy > Rain

  7. eskay Says:

    >>everything from the new kanye is beyond terrible

    i havent listened to any of it that much to really say that, but Heartless is dope.

  8. pockets Says:

    the only good track of the four is Heartbreak and that got tired after like six plays

  9. SaigonTheDon Says:

    nebody hear some new ghostface song funk flex played tonite, i been lookin for it n cant find shit

  10. pockets Says:

    i meant Heartless, sounded a little like hardknock life to me.

  11. pockets Says:

    watch mos def have the best album of the year

  12. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I still haven’t heard any of Kanye’s new joints. I think I won. Although I’m open to any new style (none) it’s whatever.

    Trife n Larceny > Charles Hamilton

  13. Belize Says:

    ::::walks in to undertaker theme song:::::

    *gives back ENG his soul*

  14. Belize Says:

    this new Joey aint that bad at all…beats are a lil exlectic, but the rhymes do it major justice

    that is all

    Fuck the machine

    *looks at eskay*

  15. Late Pass Says:

    (Bi) Rain from Korea > Rain from Amerikkka

  16. Steely D Says:

    this dude kissing and telling is that bullshit, and wack dudes wonder why chicks don’t want to be bothered. Smh…

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