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DJ Babu ft. Termanology – Guns Gon Blow

Off Babu’s Duck Season Vol. 3, in stores today.

DJ Babu ft. Termanology – Guns Gon Blow

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6 Responses to “DJ Babu ft. Termanology – Guns Gon Blow”

  1. Words is Born Says:

    I wonder how Shea “Guns go blam” Davis feels about this one…

  2. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    *flashbacks to Office Space*


    the bobs want to see you.

  3. Big Homie Says:


  4. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Surely your Keys open Doors dancing by the copier and incessant recital of Clipse lines is enough to validate your worth to the organisation
    ^ ^ ^ to be honest the culture of my office is pretty laid back, but it has to be when you’re working damn near 11 hour days (10, lunch hour). And while I’m not getting that loose *pause* in the office I joke around to keep office moral up so that niggas don’t kill themselves during lunch break. i’m pretty sure my job is safe but the email is funny coming from a company whose number one claim to new hires is “we’ve never had to lay anyone off our business plan is so solid”….i just have to get through to May of 09 and I can move back to VA and get put on with my god mothers consulting firm

  5. tumer Says:

    There you go. 1

  6. Cold Play helped me gradually deprive my insatiable appetite for hip hop (formerly known as Reggaetonslasher) Says:

    damn plug aint comment since I bodied his screen name.

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