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Video: Diddy Has More To Say

He says he won’t shut up until November 6th, so just go vote and he might let us off the hook early. Hit the jump to see what the future (first?) female African American President and Vice President have to say about it.

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7 Responses to “Video: Diddy Has More To Say”

  1. Jesse as is. Says:

    take that take that

  2. 0.9 Says:

    diddy dynasty

    barack fo prez

    prez OBAMA!

  3. www.puna.nl Says:

    national internet??

  4. C Says:

    Puff needs Jay Smooth to ghostwrite his youtube videos.

    That is some ignorant shit

  5. Street etiquette Says:

    diddy obessed with video blogging now lol

    Election day is actually November 4th though

  6. Governor Slugwell Says:

    Did Anyone peep the Stylish Black Sling that Diddy is Wearing on his left Arm?

  7. that guy Says:

    cute kids

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