Video: B.o.B, David Banner & Talib Kweli – 10 Minute Freestyle

B.o.B, David Banner, Talib Kweli and Playboy Tre doing a 10 minute freestyle session in Washington DC with the Rhythm Roots All-Stars Band on the Hip Hop Live Tour.

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6 Responses to “Video: B.o.B, David Banner & Talib Kweli – 10 Minute Freestyle”

  1. Dr Flav Says:


  2. Dr Flav Says:

    … for caring about my first Nahright first. Just saw the funniest Holiday Inn commercial ever.

  3. Nonchalant Misfit Says:

    ^ that white boy’s rhymes were on point

    delivery was, eh


  4. Dr Flav Says:

    That shit was just so unexpected though, I thought it was an SNL skit.

  5. sleep Says:

    10 days until obama day.

  6. D-Rob Says:

    I was at this show, but i got kicked out after B.o.B’s set. Fuck.

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