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Video: Cory Gunz Freestyle on CDR

On Crack Distributor’s Radio.

Previously: Cory Gunz – VladTV Freestyle (Video)

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17 Responses to “Video: Cory Gunz Freestyle on CDR”

  1. Joe 88 Says:

    Nature > Cory Guns

  2. Joe 88 Says:

    lol @ ron artest having a gangsta grillz album

    Really smh @ him having his jersey on on the cover

  3. Words is Born Says:

    alright, gonna get a few minutes of actual work in before i bounce.

    peace, nah.

  4. RIGZ Says:



    On some real shit, re-listening, this might be the best NaS diss of all time

    Nature went the fuck IN [II]

  5. McFly Says:

    Phife getting his kidney transplant is definitely a relief.

  6. RIGZ Says:

    *Goes To Work*

  7. Joe 88 Says:

    Nature went in on all his nas disses, well he only had 2, that one & the one he disses sauce money on also.

    Nature here, let me tell you the truth bout nas, sat in the window so long chipped his tooth on the bars, had his lil brother gas him, tried making him tough, orange dreads in the projects I aint making this up – Nature

    Matter of fact, I forgot about the nature diss over all the nas beats, Nature fucking roasted Nas, I gotta find that shit right now.

  8. Joe 88 Says:



    Don’t let cOLD see this

  9. moresickaMC Says:

    hiphop is too dumbed down. ppl dont hav the time to appreciate the artistry of a Cory Gunz

    I’m glad pp like Pun n Big L didnt come up in this era

  10. thekid10705 Says:

    His Father’s better!!!

  11. ant Says:

    hes ill but sometimes he needs to slow down the flow

  12. Belize Says:


  13. Belize Says:


  14. gaga Says:

    spit a new freestyle ive heard you spit this one a million times lame…….dont call it a freestyle if ya have the shit memorized. weak.~!

  15. aaa Says:

    whats that corey song at the beginin of the video

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