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Video: Oddisee on VIMBY

So last night I swung by SMT Studios in Chelsea at the invitation of Peter Rosenberg to sit in on a marathon studio session helmed by D.C. based producer and MC Oddisee. You may remember dude’s name from that Saigon and Lil Fame joint I posted the other day, or you may have heard of him elsewhere. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too familiar with his work until a couple of weeks ago, but after doing some research and hearing some of the beats he played last night, I’m a believer. Not to mention that dude is easily one of the most genuine dudes I’ve met so far in an industry wallowing in its own bullshit.

As I mentioned before, him and Peter are preparing to drop The Rosenberg Oddisee, a special EP recorded over the course of one day, any second now. I don’t know if I’m allowed to speak on what I witnessed last night, but basically it was the session for the follow up to that first volume. Trust me when I say that Rosenberg is going to be bringing some heat to the industry in the next few weeks/months.

Which brings us to the above video. I’ve posted plenty of VIMBY’s here so you should all know the deal. In this episode, Oddisee takes us for a walk through his hometown of D.C. and deftly explains the impact gentrification has had and continues to have on Avenue Q and the surrounding areas. Even if you’re not familiar with homey, it’s well worth watching for the history lesson alone.

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19 Responses to “Video: Oddisee on VIMBY”

  1. Busta Cracka The English Smacka Says:


  2. BabyDoll Says:

    *pulls out the draw 4 card*

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    *Tilts fitted*

    That nigga french Montana is kinda ill

  4. KilluminattI7 Says:

    arsenal >>>>>

  5. secondbest21 Says:

    jake one’s cd was blaaaaah…

  6. Super_Fly_Jimmy_Snuka Says:

    co-sig. i was listening to it again this morning at work. none of the white folk were asking me to turn it down like they did with hnic2…
    Pease do co-sign me with a rationale like that ever again.

  7. Super_Fly_Jimmy_Snuka Says:

    Anyone have a Jake one link? (no)

  8. benhameen Says:

    im stealing this eskay. DC stand up!

  9. Seed Popular Says:

    Interview is fresh but sad to see how everything closed down. Oddissee kept it 100 with the history of State of the U. as it relates to DC Hip Hop. Good lookin’ out on the Freestyle U and Amphib shout outs too.

  10. spirit equality Says:

    those acapellas he spit were ferocious. i’ma have to move this brother higher in my ranking of dope dc emcees. the state of the union, which he mentioned, got set us off by my old crew, the amphibians (who he also mentioned), when we started a weekly showcase there called “elements”. before that, we had the weekly ‘lifeline’ open mic/showcase at nyala (now dc9) off of 9th and u. before us, there was generation 2000 and live society at kaffa house (which might have been slightly before o’s time on the scene?). but yeah, there’s a lot of history on u street. nuff respect to hr-57 as well. there’s another spot that used to house freestyle union that i forgot about.

    – spirit

  11. K Rock Says:

    Oddisee is a dope MC, saw him a few months ago at SOB’s. He will probably be on XXL next year for their “freshmen 10,” although I question some of their selection this year…lol.

  12. Ron Says:

    I definitely gotta lookout for dude, he seem like on point.

  13. Mario Says:

    People are sleeping on ODDISEE.

    Good looks for the post…

  14. Purpose Says:

    Yeah, he had that “gentrification” jawn this year that was hot.

    “its a shame when the authenticity of a city is
    replaced by college kids and high sidditiness.”

  15. Disco Vietnam Says:

    coming soon … charles hamilton’s sandwich

  16. whatever Says:

    ODDISEE isnt from dc, he’s from somewhere AROUND DC.

  17. mello Says:

    Oddisee “Claim to Fame” joint was a top 10 track of 08 for sure!

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