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Video: E-40 Interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid

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10 Responses to “Video: E-40 Interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid”

  1. nation of moderation Says:

    did he say why lie? or wallah

  2. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    Lookalikes- E40 and Prop Joe

  3. Jerz! Says:

    As far as policies go? Knowledge past 30 second explanations of sound bytes and how they resonate to the individual is hard to find. Granted, most people are intellectually lazy, in the sense that if you feel something is right what’s the point in challenging your immediate conceptions when it could lead to confusion, difficulty, and (gasp) uncertainty. However, this is also how the information is fed to us in the hopes that we become aware and educated to the process in a minimal sense, although enough to have a debate about it and stand behind an issue or two.

    can 75% of conservative McCain supporters give the same info….
    Even if the hiphop culture can’t completely identify Obama’s policies they feel his efforts are genuine and believe in him enough to elect him leader of their united states…. that shit is beautiful to me.

    I feel you on that. Hell they couldn’t, and the one’s that can are switching sides. Right now they’re attempting to appeal to the most base part of their party, which isn’t even traditional conservatism it’s really just dumb shit (as uneducated as that sounds) w/ tag lines with the intent of appealing to religion and some fucked up concept of what American is. But yo that shit is beautiful to me too, cause @ the end of the day the way he connects and inspires is fucking amazing, and that shit is so much more than being a good orator which people try to dismiss that shit as.

    Class, I’m ghost, one love

  4. sean coonery Says:

    Greenie can I tour ya guts?

  5. icon (trillbert arenas) Says:

    So, over at Bol’s spot, there’s a post which features a youtube interview with Noam Chomsky, where he pretty much endorses Obama….dude is brilliant, but boring as shit, though….

  6. sean coonery Says:

    Lookalikes – my dick and an italian sausage

  7. sean coonery Says:

    lookalikes – my nuts and two soccerballs



  9. TheCo!!inB Says:

    anyone that can support a man that is willing to call another senate leader a terrorist is fucking retarded, bottom line. McCain has said some of the craziest shit and skated with it and never been called to carpet for the down right insane shit he was involved with in the Keating 5….even if he had no involvement his lack of knowledge in economics is so gross he can’t see the shit he’s doing clearly goes against federal regulations? and this is the nigga 41% of America is trusting to get us through a recession?!…

  10. spirit equality Says:

    it was palin who said obama ‘palled around with terrorist’. mccain went out like a sucker by tap dancing around denouncing palin for that fuckery when obama called him on it in the third debate. mccain has been cascading down in the polls ever since. it’s a rap for that crazy fucker. did you see the faces he was making during the third debate? that dude mc-insane is out of his mind.

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