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If Mos Def Were President


The above artwork is for Dante’s new single “Life In Marvelous Times”, which can be previewed below. The full song will be available on Election Day via iTunes. This is supposedly his first song in two years, as well as his first release from The Ecstatic, coming in December.

Mos Def – Life In Marvelous Times

And check out this video Pretty Flaco appeared in:

If Mos Def Were President.

Previously: Mos Def – Auditorium (Live)

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40 Responses to “If Mos Def Were President”

  1. david Blackham Says:

    dante singing > kanye singing

  2. Victory Says:



    ALLAH HU AKHBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Victory Says:

    eskay wat did i ask u like 4 hours ago? are u holding back on the GOAT? i bet u just checked ur mail now

  4. kallywood Says:

    this shit is banannas

  5. Victory Says:

    The Ecstatic 2000 to infinity kaffirs.
    Unbelievers drop first.

  6. nation of moderation Says:

    >> eskay wat did i ask u like 4 hours ago? are u holding back on the GOAT? i bet u just checked ur mail now

    this was sent at 6pm… your prayers have been answered

    barack allah

  7. PW Says:

    Old school 50 Cent = An attempt to fuse Big L and Jay-Z…


    I’ll still bump ‘Power of the Dollar’ over ‘Curtis’ tho.

  8. Victory Says:

    Power of the Dollor > any 50 but this post is about mos def my man

  9. G7 Says:

    pretty good snippet

  10. TC Says:

    December, ha!

  11. drew Says:

    notice how the only dude wearing any chains or anything in the xxl shoot is fucking ace hood…

  12. Victory Says:

    i been waiting since last november for the album in feb then feb for the album in april now october for november.

    this is till undoubtably the greatest snippet i have ever heard. i played the jay electro one about 100 times. this is already on 50.

  13. Victory Says:

    # Victory Says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 5:05 pm

    eskay, it Mos droppin 4th quarter? i kno u know. u just hate on the GOAT cos jiggas from Brooklyn 2.

    just tell me

  14. FFGreen Says:

    Finally a new Mos album




    Baer | 10.18.2008 @ 8:23 pm

    i wonder what she says during sex? probably some normal shit, like “eggs! milk! coffee! Heineken!” lol

  17. G7 Says:

    >>Louie To T.I.: “U Can Buy Our Stuff But Don’t Promote It…Nigger”

    ^nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger hatred(c) nas

  18. and the winner is... Says:

    if you let me…you wont forget me…

  19. PHENOMENON Says:


    ^ ^
    Who’s Nailin’ Paylin: Adventures of a Hockey M.I.L.F.

  20. A Sock-O-Drama Says:

    G.S.O.A.T, greatest snippet of all time

  21. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Yo this “Heartless” joint bangs…..


  22. 911 Says:

    nation of moderation Says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 9:14 pm
    your prayers have been answered
    barack allah

    >You out of control gawd. You offer the cynicism, yet there’s never a silver lining if you will no real info on your part. Just cynicism. And for that you wack. That dude isn’t nor will he ever be a savior. Remembers why I thought you was the snake type. Ah yes. Know what you should do, compile an email list and send a bevy of things of note to download, endear yourself to folk. You know. That might make the few that read this forgot they read this. Maybe, or you could just delete it. haha.

    Things will change, but not for those who could benefit from change.

    I am 911, and I approve this message.

  23. Victory Says:

    # A Sock-O-Drama Says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    G.S.O.A.T, greatest snippet of all time

    co-signed to the fullest

  24. EnglandRepresent Says:

    911 you stay chattin bollocks. But I co-sign your ‘nate is a cynical sod’ rant. what up chap?

    cleveland = gashland

  25. 911 Says:

    the last three post were worthy too. I hate to violate the vibe in the room. nation for vp! Retracts smear campaign against my opponent after a week into the news cycle.


  26. PW Says:

    but this post is about mos def my man

    Dude…you OBVIOUSLY don’t read nahright posts often.

  27. D_Block_4_Life Says:


    Heartless >>>

    I love hip hop

  28. 911 Says:

    …this snippet is crack atoms!
    EnglandRepresent Says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    >How y’all feel yaselves’, y’all should kill yaselves…

    Nah I kid, what up homie? Peace.

  29. Victory Says:

    to PW, i got exited about this shit. the snippet is STILL on repeat.

    Mos was NOT gna let Kanye, Jay, 50, Em, Dre, Jada, Common, and every other mother fucker come out in these next months without saying anything. Seriously, this marks the return of the greatest. This album will topple any soundscan giant no matter the sales.

    For those of u that havn’t read the book The Ecstatic by Victory Lavelle, do so.

    And cop this album.



  31. PW Says:

    to PW, i got exited about this shit. the snippet is STILL on repeat.

    I feel you..but the 34 second snippet is hardly worth bumping repeatedly.

    “The Glow” on the other hand, has been in daily rotation for months.

  32. Nanyanen Says:

    I feel like clicking some ads…

  33. PW Says:

    October 20th, 2008 at 11:30 pm


    *Clicks date repeatedly*

    It’s not doing anything.

    *dumb look*


    I always fucked with mos def music

    I’m not clicking that snippet tho

  35. Victory Says:

    PW, do u know about the boogieman theme?

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  37. youngloup Says:

    same instumental sample that french hip hop group TTC feat Mr Flash – Champions like 3 or 4 years ago…

    come on wake up…

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  39. I Love Hip Hop Says:


  40. mitvit Says:

    That beat is old though. And French. Mr. Flash feat. TTC – Champions youtube it.

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