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Video: Shawn Jackson – HHO Performance

Shawn Jackson over some DJ Houseshoes cuts. That beat is crazy.

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5 Responses to “Video: Shawn Jackson – HHO Performance”

  1. PW Says:



  2. urswurv Says:

    i fux wit shoes, if ur ever in the D go to Northern Lights and catch shoes set

  3. sweeneykovar Says:

    northern lights is R.I.P.

    listen to the Shoes House Beat Showcase to hear why and to hear some fucking heat rocks


    nah right posting shoes?


  4. understandableSmoothshitThatmurderersMoveWit Says:

    first…shoes don’t live in the D anymore,..he’s based in LA…secondly,…when he does come home….he don’t step foot in northern lights…cuz them bitches is sheisty…u can however catch shoes on myspace,…in the D @ Oslo….and through his monster of a fuckin podcast…get that 14kt and the new Black Milk…and if Dilla changed ya life…give his moms some bread niggas!!!

  5. Nah Right » Blog Archive » DJ House Shoes - Seven Mixes in Seven Days Says:

    […] Shoes was pretty ill with the beats the first time I heard him. Here’s a series he started & completed on Twitter in one week. Shoes says: So, its […]

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