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Kanye West – Coldest Winter (Radio Rip)

You might wanna test your speakers out before playing this, the radio rip doesn’t flatter its sound at all.

Kanye West – Coldest Winter (Radio Rip) (Sharebee)

It samples “Memories Fade” by Tears for Fears.

Previously: Kanye West – Heartless (Unmastered)

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48 Responses to “Kanye West – Coldest Winter (Radio Rip)”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    LMAO…I thought it was my speakers

  2. youreachiteach Says:

    is it me or has yeezy lost his mind?


    I can’t fuck with it, just like i can’t fuck with pharell singing either

  4. TheShizy Says:

    This album is going to be dope. Kanye has the power to alter the shape of hip-hop completely.

  5. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    I cant hear it that well but ill probably like it….

  6. Big Homie Says:

    I am sure the CDQ version will sound A LOT much better

  7. ave Says:

    kanye is on another fuckin level then anyone else in this game righ now

  8. BOOOOON Says:

    yeah your right he is on another level.

    another level of sheer plummet in quality and a new high in alienating his fans.

    wtf is all this shit

  9. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Im a big kanye fan, 9 outta 10 times im gonne like his beats….

  10. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Same goes for Alchemist and Just Blaze….i guess im a litlle biased

  11. FuckUPayMe618 Says:


    ^^Dylan Swagga like us freestyle

  12. Eaj Says:

    Just like Shady and Encore, this disk is going to be more for himself (Kanye) relating to things he is going through than a usual drop from him. He is pioneering something unique, lets embrace that.

  13. killa jones Says:


    new cam…lol


  14. jdot Says:

    if its not the same shit that your accustomed too….you call it wack? hmmm. Get that money ye!!

  15. ronski Says:

    but YeezyMan totally plagiarized this from that tears for fears track…..


    ok in rap. but rippin audio is a no no in POP

  16. D. Billz Says:

    lets embrace that.

    ^Lets not.



  17. jrp14 Says:

    Song is crazy epic….like a phil collins, air in the night type of joint. This cd is gonna be real realll dope imo

  18. PHENOMENON Says:

    I like it.

  19. NotU Says:

    Me too

  20. ant Says:

    i really thought kanye was on some true hiphop shit! even if the song is tight as hell i think hes goin pop which is wack to me

  21. eskay Says:

    NEWSFLASH: he doesn’t rap on the entire album.

  22. eskay Says:

    although, he was kinda rapping on Heartless.

  23. d.base Says:

    guess he on some dre 3000 shit huh?….only thing is it turned out dre could SING ….well at least enough to carry a whole song.
    i listen to mad different kind of stuff for 25 years and i’m not gonna be fooled into thinking this shit here is so new and so on another level…..the worst part is i think i do understand what he’s tryna do but he might not be up for that job….his live performances of the past couple songs have been awkward as hell…..shit when no one thought the man could rap i was saying otherwise…but on that shit?..naah sorry….
    but i’m sure it will sell of course…
    i could never picture myself wanting to listen to that type of shit…..this is straight up Boy George….

  24. ant Says:

    im sayen like when he came into the game he was pure hip hop to me…its some niggas thats hiphop and its some niggas that clearly is NOT
    im not sayen his music isnt good tho

  25. Jtang Says:

    but YeezyMan totally plagiarized this from that tears for fears track…..


    ok in rap. but rippin audio is a no no in POP

    wow listen to this. true story.

  26. iKumar Says:

    he better credit Tears for Fears fast or else he is gonna get fcuked

    “Memories fade but the scars still linger
    Goodbye my friend
    Will I ever love again”

  27. mikeford Says:

    shit is trash. game dont need another usher.

  28. SH Says:

    he is clearing the sample for that right now i heard. i think he said that in the radio interview.

  29. Jersey*made*me Says:

    This is supposed to be the album that Kanye doesn’t care what people think about the ish he puts on it.With that being said,you ain’t heard nothing yet.

    BTW the people that actually pay for music don’t want to hear how many ways you’ll kill a nigga or how many karats are in your jewelry.Nigga rich lyrics have run their course,IMO.

  30. Fever Says:

    WOW…this guy is having a nervous breakdown on an album. Kanye should have took a rest after the passing of his mother. I keep hoping all this singin shyt he is releasing is a joke. SMH…50 was right dayum.

  31. Adam Says:


    Good song but why alienate your fanbase???

    Haven’t we seen other artists go down this same road at the peak of their fame and fail???

  32. BooBoo Says:

    Shit is dope

  33. BooBoo Says:

    this shit is dope

  34. bruce_dickenson Says:

    try listening to something other than rap nah mean, hes on his thom yorke

  35. Nanyanen Says:

    wtf wtf wtf???

    this track makes love lockdown sound like metallica.

    holy gays for jesus…

  36. jrp14 Says:

    Anybody who ever says 50 was right…when it comes to music…loses all credibility. Only time that guy ever shined was when dre and em put everything they had in him, one of the luckiets dudes to ever live. The ignorance on here is unbelievable…

  37. bigczee Says:

    HAHAHAH………..man yall on some other shit……the day i listen to a good MC singin on his record is the day i quit smokin and listen to punk rock!!

  38. truth38 Says:

    college drop out *great but no illmatic great*
    late registration* meh aite*
    graduation*good/close to great*

    kanye’s new album??? *kanyedamus/nastradamus*

  39. Yo, I’m Out « Everything All of the Time Says:

    […] Anyway, new song from our boy. It’s a radio rip, so terrible sound quality, but we put up with this so we can bombard you with our opinions on everything Kanye does. So if you want to grab it, you can probably look at that link. And I’ll let someone else take a shot at breaking this one down, but I will say that it’s probably my favorite of the three we’ve heard so far. […]

  40. d.base Says:

    i just went back to that shit…thought maybe a second listen would be fair…..


  41. Degs Says:

    lol…dude has had a nervous breakdown….this is meh…

  42. Required Says:

    Graduation was better than great.
    This album is going to suck. Ima need for him to start rapping because im sure MOST people arent interested in this half-singing shit for a WHOLE album. This is trash.

  43. Simply eLi Says:

    What a load of sh1t! If this is real Hip Hop, give me that fake sh!t

  44. ENIG MUE Says:

    Listening to the Tears for Fears version makes me take this a quasi-Hip Hop cover than a new song. It also makes me appreciate it more.

  45. Kapulot Says:

    Karaoke West

  46. Drew Says:

    This is honestly the best Kanye West song I’ve ever heard. I’m not fucking with you….this song is pure genius. You can just feel where Kanye’s mind is at right now. It’s all making sense. I can’t wait until cdq drops. This song is AMAZING. I thought 808s and Heartbreak had no hope after hearing Love Lockdown. This song is going to redefine Kanye’s career.

  47. CUZZO80FO Says:

    KANYE=BRITNEY SPEARS ( take a few minutes to read all, good stuff in here)



    WHY U ASK???

    Because i refuse to fall for the okiedoke and none of you should either. Kanye, God bless his soul, is stepping TOO FAR outside of WHAT HE IS GOOD AT in an attempt to further solidify himself as a TRUE artist and more than just hip-hop. WE ALL KNOW FOR A FACT that he wants to go down in history and no doubt he already will and should, but all of these songs so far just come off as ackward and well…just plain wrong. IT ISN’T AUTOMATICALLY NICE JUST BECAUSE HES CHANGING IT UP SO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO SEEM COOL, HIP, OR “DOWN” BY SAYING THAT IT IS! I mean GOTDAMN its OBVIOUSLY NOT NICE??? He cant sing even a little bit and is 100% dependent on a vocoder and autotuner…ISNT THIS THE EXACT SAME SHI* WE CLOWN POP SINGERS WHO REALLY CANT SING LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS for???

    And how different is this really?? I mean we keep making the 3 Stacks comparisons ( please stop insulting the brilliance of The Love Below by doing so) so how is that different. So far all three songs sound like the poor man’s love below.
    LOL. and the ironic part is the fact that in his attempt to be unique and express himself without being concerned with OUR OPINIONS, hes STILL SAMPLING?!?!!? LOL.

    Now all of this doesn’t go without me saying i absolutely respect what hes TRYING to do and what this must mean to him personally. In fact im sure i will enjoy atleast a couple of tracks from the album (which i will still buy). I am simply saying all of this because everyone is giving the guy waaaaaay too much credit for this. Most of you are reacting as if this new direction he’s taking officially solidifies him as an undeniable legend and genius when the truth is that everything he did UP UNTIL THIS POINT had already done that!!!

    So please realize that this little “detour” from the beaten path isn’t a trip up the yellowbrick road, but instead a stumbling off into oncoming traffic that will only result in tragedy. We can only hope that he’s not frozen in the headlights and it all tragically ends after this one.

    luv what u do kanye, but wheres “good ass job”????????????????????????

  48. CUZZO80FO Says:


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