Video: Stat Quo – The South Got Somethin To Say Mixtape Trailer

Trailer for Stat’s new mixtape, The South Got Somethin To Say, due out 10/23.

Previously: Stat Quo – Let The Beat Build Freestyle

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13 Responses to “Video: Stat Quo – The South Got Somethin To Say Mixtape Trailer”

  1. moresickaMC Says:

    Ive never hated on the South… i just dont like dumbed down,uncreative music period

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    The UK > The South

  3. ant Says:

    i been waiten for this dude to drop longer then saigon thats a long fucken time..btw Crooked I spit the hottest verse on that slaughterhouse…as much i am a Joe Budden stan i was feelin his verse the least after nino

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Rigga Romez > Rawse

  5. nation of moderation Says:

  6. nation of moderation Says:

    *cutes post*

  7. malakidagod Says:

    aint his ass pose 2 have a debut album on shady records like 3 years ago quit stat quit

  8. McFly Says:

    malakidagod Says:
    October 15th, 2008 at 2:24 am
    aint his ass pose


  9. Mag Says:

    your ass
    Gone don’t come through here without your pass
    On they throwing two g’s up so you ain’t got 2
    Ask em all these niggas want nice things bentleys
    And ranged out man I ain’t seen Lupe with his board
    Since he came out I bet he traded that in for some
    Wheels cause his ships change every couple years
    And they I’ll it might not be nessaccery that’s just how I
    Feel nigga you don’t like me die slow pop a pill you ain’t
    Got a carreer just cause you got a deal half these niggas
    Told they’ll come out and never will on the real these
    Cupcake niggas know the deal my goons give out the
    Wounds when they feel we heavy on the dollars and
    Heavy on the chips riding through manhattan all black
    And on piff all black ferrari and I’m probly with your bitch
    Nothing on my mind more than how to get rich


  10. ant Says:

    ^^^tell me 1 song on that album that was whack?
    ok maybe 2 or 3 but shit its a solid album

  11. TrillType100 Says:

    Why do all the niggaz from the south who really are talented feel that they have to defend that bullshit rap their neighbors put out?! The reason why other regions say the south sucks is because 90% of the artists in the spotlight from the south suck. Stop defending wack ass niggaz! And yeah I’m from the south, but Stat is turning potential fans from other regions off with that bullshit. No one is hating on the south….their hating on wack ass music coming from the south. Just focus on putting out good music playboi

  12. anons Says:

    i guess that mixtape title is an allusion to andre 3000’s comments at the source awards…

    now turn your radios up uh uh up let’s get higher higher higher….

    this nigga got talent..but without proper marketing these days, its impossible to get on

  13. East Coast Digital Radio-The Next Level Of Entertainment Says:

    Stat Quo – The South Got Somethin To Say Mixtape Trailer-(Video)…


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