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Video: Russell Simmons Interview w/ Angie

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5 Responses to “Video: Russell Simmons Interview w/ Angie”

  1. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    John Mccain is a bitch;that ball head can’t cover that redneck(n/h).

  2. Deano Says:

    Russ, bogartin’ the Internet blogosphere…hahah…’we’re not competing, just trying o godfather them into one site’…ahhahah…so all the ad revenue goes to globalgrind and they (globalgrind) feed your(the blogosphere) info to the public..nice Russ…you did it again..hahah…if you give some of the ad revenue, Russ, I’ll sign up.

  3. Heinsain MavR!ck Says:

    is russ is trying to centralize the digital media outlet to create an monopoly on hip hop?

  4. Navarrow Wright Says:

    @Deano. I ‘m CEO of globalgrind.com. Your actually wrong in your thoughts. We actually do offer you a way to make money if you have a blog or website. Read up on the the Globalgrind Network here.http://globalgrind.com/network/overview/ and I also ask you the question. Do you have a myspace page?, do you submit content to Digg or facebook? They monetize your content and activity but we offer you a way to earn money on your site and grow with us.
    Thanks and keep grinding!

  5. Dee Phunk Says:

    U gotta respect Russ. He’s one of the few people over 40 years of age that can still rock his hat backwards (at an angle) and not look silly.

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