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Video: Gille The Kid – Can You Help Me

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12 Responses to “Video: Gille The Kid – Can You Help Me”

  1. robabank Says:

    not after this gillie no one can help u

  2. sleep Says:

    This guy

  3. biz Says:

    you can tell this nigga got a “rap voice” .look at his mouth in first scene.

    “city to city, hood to hood”


  4. Sean Coonery Says:

    I almost got a chick pregnant and she was 14….

    Thank god her parents were white and rich and they could afford the abortion…

    My aunt’s daughter got pregnant at 13….but my aunt ended up raising the kid like one of her own children…


    How much is an abortion?

    5, 6OO dollars?

  6. Y.O. Says:

    here u go eskay
    and yes your welcome

  7. Nanyanen Says:

    how much are condoms?

    like 10 dollars



    Nothing a condom and a few drops of spermicide won’t prevent.

  9. ant Says:

    man if i got a female pregnant @ 13 as soon as she told me i wuld go straight to grams house….grab her shotty..put it in my mouth(n/h) and blow my brains out!

  10. Nanyanen Says:

    thats a bit extreme.

    you wouldnt be the one w the demon seed inside u, she would.

  11. ant Says:

    calm down im jus sayen i couldnt have a kid @ 13

  12. BIC Says:

    He looks like the yellow guy in sin city


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