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Video: Lupe Fiasco Performing in Toronto

Here’s a 9 Minute highlight clip from Lupe’s show at CiRCA nightclub in Toronto. According to the lupEND blog, Lupe was performing both in Maryland and in Toronto on October 11th… which is kinda crazy.

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7 Responses to “Video: Lupe Fiasco Performing in Toronto”

  1. Rhe Says:

    Best Rapper Around

    Kill me for my opinion…

  2. nation of moderation Says:

    Hip Hop Saved My Life, Little Weapon, Streets On Fire

    … that’s where it ends

  3. Sean Says:

    The Toronto show was on the 10th.

    Someone labeled the video wrong.

  4. The Shogun Says:

    smh at the random ad libbing by whoever’s in the crowd…

    Lupe: I’m gonna do something for the ladies
    Random Guy: I love ladies!
    Lupe: We gonna take it back
    Random Guy: Back Where


  5. k1ng Says:

    i was at that show backstage with sarah green and em, show was live!!

    the superstar song went for about 10 min straight.

  6. Habit Says:

    Lupe with a live band is epic. He played with one at lollapalooza and killed it.

  7. Dizzy Says:

    I was there… thought he would be on at like 2 am… came late missed most of it … I can’t even watch this i am so mad LMAO but the man put down a show OMG and Sarah Green is disgusting! Gemstones WOW Matthew HOLAY i loved it!(well what i was able to see)

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