Video: Jay-Z Statement on Fat Joe/Khaled “Diss”

Previously: Fat Joe Issues Statement on Fraudulent Jay-Z Diss

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44 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z Statement on Fat Joe/Khaled “Diss””

  1. All Day Every Day Says:

    clint > tim,
    Kay slay lost

  2. Victory Says:

    i HATE Westwood. dude is a joke over here. i i see him in my endz, its over for the fake prick.

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    No one cares if the track was a freestyle or not, it was wack juice.

  4. bkJUICE Says:

    so who else is gettin TWISTED on election nite?

  5. sleep Says:

    khaled said jay-z is his friend jay-z acted like khaled is that nigga you she when your going to work and say what up to. i hate when nigga comfuse aquantance for friends. are we back to cocking our hats @ 45 degrees

  6. sleep Says:

    you see

  7. Joe 88 Says:

    Fuck a hood pass, I got a lifetime membership – Fre$h

  8. MacMall Says:

    A 38yr Old Married dude with a doorag and a fitted on acting like he 24 not a rich snob.. NICE!! He need more people…

    But wow next year he’ll be 40 WTF!

    Let it go…

  9. Joe 88 Says:

    Kanye’s west, can eat a dick!!! – Havoc

    *repeat 27 times*

  10. AJ Says:

    big up my homes timmy, its summer here right now baby! west with the excloos

  11. prophecy_projectz Says:

    “Now your swagger juice is still incredible”-Westwood

    Ayoooooo Timothy!

  12. the dough Says:

    “I can predict the future like Cleo the psychic”

    Come on Jay don’t try and cover that shit up.

  13. Joe 88 Says:

    Jay-Z better bring some heat on this album. Fuck all the hype, antics before the album, drama, beef, whatever, this shit better be hot.

  14. n. Says:

    love the look of hova..

    he made it clear himself, shit was old, end of the story.

  15. sleep Says:

    If a nigga on nahright said another man had swagger juice. He would have to change his name

  16. Kid Icarus Says:

    Who care about age nigga? If its hot its hot. Age is just a reason for you not to like what he brings. Is still fucks wit KRS. You cant deny good music. Oh it seem that the rumors were true about Kanye not having beats for Jay? He seemed hesistant to say anything about BP3.

  17. Joe 88 Says:

    My woman is a thug girl, but I love her dearly, my partners are theives & I know that, but I keep em near me – Mac

    Mac a don > _________________

  18. Sean Coonery Says:

    Why does Jay-z still dress like a 20 year old?

    jesus christ…..Hov your….39 years old….act like it…

  19. Sean Coonery Says:

    # All Day Every Day Says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Man you seriously need to check your bitch ass emotions when you talking about 50 Cent..
    is this nigga on the street team? Im saying the man is wearing braids.. His music is made where Oscar the grouch lives. And he continues to do bitch shyt (c) ti shot, young buck tapes, lil wayne shot……the nigga is falling harder than a virgin for a porno star

    ^im not a virgin….and ive falling for a couple pornstars… ;p

  20. SMee Says:

    Westwood for the win, haters take him too seriously. He’s as stupid as he looks

  21. Kid Icarus Says:

    Sean Corny says:

    Why does Jay-z still dress like a 20 year old?

    jesus christ…..Hov your….39 years old….act like it…

    Lets see how you dress when you older.

  22. BKScribe Says:

    Victory Says: i see him in my endz

    seek help

  23. sleep Says:

    I’m a jay fan but that nigga need to dress his age.I’m 26 and I don’t even dress like him. Most rappers don’t dress their age so maybe it a rapper costume

  24. Most_Incredible! Says:

    Vitali just fucked up Sam Peter

  25. BKScribe Says:

    i never really gave a fuck what other dudes wore… yall displaying some chick made tendencies


    Chris Arreola > Sam Peter & Vitali


    no country for old heads

  28. eskay Says:

    >>No one cares if the track was a freestyle or not, it was wack juice.

    Jay-Z’s wackest verse > Boosie’s career

  29. pockets Says:

    i never really gave a fuck what other dudes wore…

    ^u jay nuthugger…remove jays balls from ya mouf

  30. Belize Says:

    Jay kinda looked shook for a sec grabbin his chain

  31. sleep Says:

    Damm I hate going to the barber shop on saturday shit stay crowded.

  32. YBE Says:

    HOV = the GOAT

  33. Via_Pluto Says:

    dudes been 38 for 4 years now!

    *bumps Boosie’s swerve on em’*

  34. M.Tyson Says:

    Sean Coonery Says:

    October 11th, 2008 at 4:50 pm
    Why does Jay-z still dress like a 20 year old?

    jesus christ…..Hov your….39 years old….act like it
    *standing ovation*

  35. ant Says:

    i kant watch the video…so ima jus throw this question out there….who u know never spit a wack verse?

    my answer is JADAKISS

  36. M.Tyson Says:

    i needed a get a hug after hearing that verse he laid on the aye bay bay remix

    BIG never laid a wack verse NEVER

  37. ifaison Says:

    BIG never laid a wack verse NEVER
    maybe not but he’s sure spit homo shit before “niggas press they luckin they get a butt fucking”[pause] and he’s a hiphop artist and thats a hiphop look Rakim as old as he is still dresses like that. besides, how formal is a westwood interview anyway lol

  38. Coltrane21 Says:

    It really amazes me how much ya’ll niggas hate, nigga’s can’t even do an interview without someone hating…

    *Play’s Jockin’ Jay-Z*

  39. kob killa Says:

    dude was actn mad weird like…I dont know….like he aint have no confidence like he wasnt even nonchalant …..weird….anybody else notice that

  40. hiphop Says:

    Jay looks like 30 and that’s why he can dress like that. He looks just fly, cool and laid back. Haters fall back!
    * kob killa Yeah, he acted a lil bit weird but I think he saw that “If I were a boy” video and was annoyed or something like that or had a fight with his stupid wife.

  41. Sowhat Says:

    Kob Killa

    Maybe he was tired from the long flight but I saw a picture from there and he looked unhappy! So, maybe he had a fight with beyonce

  42. steff Says:

    as people get older they have to stop dressin like kids i’m not saying no t-shirt or jeans im talking about not dressing as if you are a teenager with the hat, sneakers and pants off ya ass like a kid. nigga u grown!

  43. just wondering 1983 Says:

    who would win the battle between hov and joe if it went down now though…? is hov bernard hopkins at age 39 or mike tyson at age 39….?

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