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Video: Bishop Lamont – Grow Up (Live)

Previously: DJ Babu ft. Bishop Lamont – My Opinion

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19 Responses to “Video: Bishop Lamont – Grow Up (Live)”

  1. 813 Says:


  2. Big Homie Says:



    Last nice. Of the year in nyc

    Hangover Hitters playing in october like a world series team….Copy

  4. sleep Says:

    Aol chat rooms»»»nahright

    No disrespect eskay

  5. Nanyanen Says:

    ∧damn. that’s some ether right there.

  6. eskay Says:



    ^ ^ ^
    Lol, theres the door.


    Smh @ “I Love Young P*ssy” chat room.

    Pedophelia runs rampant.

  9. sleep Says:

    Nice day in nyc I think I’ll head to central park with wifey and go row boating.don’t sleep on romance.

    Being romantic»»»smacking your bitch

  10. Nanyanen Says:

    more like Faggotry runs rampant.

    That chat room is bound to be nothing but dudes…
    what kind of conversation could possibly take place in there?

    *waits for it* (nh)

  11. TheCo!!inB Says:

    nah right during the week > working

  12. sleep Says:

    Any chat room that for chick most likely has 90% dudes. It just like clubs when chicks get in for free

  13. Charles Oakley Says:

    Eminem & Proof ft. Dreadknaugts – Desperados

  14. Nanyanen Says:

    it always seems like all the girls leave the club at the same exact time… 45 min later dudes start scrappin.coincedence?

  15. HustleHard Says:

    How the f#ck is this live?!
    This dude was doing half karaoke and the other half well.. that was even worst!!
    This was horrible i want my 4minutes back!

    Oh yeah, check this clip out.. the woman wanted to call Obama a nigg@ but she paused and called him a arab hahaha I don’t know what’s worst


  16. eskay Says:

    Proof wore the #4’s, I like the #9’s, them shits was hotter than summertime

  17. Praverb Says:

    nice to see the live version of Grow Up…Bishop killin’ it…

  18. misterchane Says:

    what is up with the echo effect when Bishop is spitting? and all the damn camera angles? It all takes one away from the song (which is good and should get a video treatment)

  19. chris wallace Says:

    no beats by dre headphones on?? obviously they arent true dj headphones.

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