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Giggs & Joell Ortiz – Hollowman Meets Joell Ortiz


Joell links with UK artist Giggs for this joint off DJ Semtex’s new mixtape Pounds & Dollars.

Giggs & Joell Ortiz – Hollowman Meets Joell Ortiz

Props to Sem!

Previously: Sincere ft. Joell Ortiz & Natty – Once Upon A Time (Remix)

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17 Responses to “Giggs & Joell Ortiz – Hollowman Meets Joell Ortiz”

  1. NotU Says:

    Big up Giggs


    joell ortiz is one of my favorite up and comers from brooklyn..

  3. pockets Says:

    G-Rated rapper-turned-movie star Will Smith was secretly trashed on the soundtrack of his 2003 movie “Bad Boys II” – and the culprit was famed producer Dr. Dre.

    In his hip-hop memoir “Rollin’ With Dre,” Bruce Williams – who was Dre’s confidant for nearly 20 years – says producers asked Dre to do some background music for a key scene. Williams writes, “We made sure that the music underneath that scene was the song ‘Bitch Niggaz’ from ‘The Chronic 2001,’ because that’s what we thought of that hater, Smith. We had to get our fun where we could . . .”

    Smith has been critical of violent rap songs and has urged artists to tone down their lyrics.


    You would’nt believe me if I told you

  5. sleep Says:

    Who goes to a graft concert? I’m sure no more than 100 people

  6. PW Says:

    If you talkin the hardest.. Giggs a di boss.


    Fresh Prince > Will Smith

  8. LDN Says:

    Ang Tight Giggs Breaking Barriers!

  9. sleep Says:

    So I’m guessin uncle murda is gonna get drop for pulling this shit with the whole diss verse.

  10. YBE Says:

    ^^^how you know he did it ??

  11. TWC Says:

    So when’s that Heartless CDQ gonna be liberated?

  12. PHENOMENON Says:

    Nah. I’m thinking a cut in allowance and extra chores.

    And “maybe no videogames. . .for a whole weekend.”

  13. Giggs & Joell Ortiz - Hollowman Meets Joell Ortiz « 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] Man, this weekend has been nice. I needed a slow hip hop weekend to allow me to step away from the laptop, get some free time to myself, etc. Before I step out again, here goes another joint off the upcoming US/UK tape from DJ Semtex & Joell Ortiz, Pounds & Dollars, that I scooped from eskay’s spot. […]

  14. sleep Says:

    just playing matlock

  15. SDP Says:

    BET Critics Praise Rap City Cancellation


    you don’t have to lie BET…u never cared about those organizations worrying about their children…

    it was all about your low tv ratings

  16. YooWAaH you bloody wankers « HipHopGremlins Says:

    […] B.K – U.K Collabo right here Mr. Ortiz has been on his U.K grind as of late (see previous vid) This collab with Giggs comes off of DJ Semtex’s Dollars and Pounds Mixtape and leaked via Eskay. Anyways check it out its fresh. […]

  17. London Says:

    Gigs is an embarresment to my city. Anyone who thinks this dude is real is just caught in the hype. Big up Sincere for his collab with Joell but Gigs is waste.

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