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Video: Kanye Performs “Love Lockdown” on Ellen

Kanye returns to the show to perform his single from 808’s & Hearbreak.

Bonus: Sophia Fresh feat. Kanye West – What It Is

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18 Responses to “Video: Kanye Performs “Love Lockdown” on Ellen”

  1. Eastern_Digital Says:

    it’s still very very wack.

  2. PHOENIXXX Says:

    landLord’s favorite rapper evar

  3. ChiCity Says:

    eskay man, whats up with the cdq version of heartless? Do you think a couple weeks or do you have it but ya just cant release it yet?

  4. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Live on Ellen) « 2dopeboyz Says:

    […] K. West visits his best friend’s show again to perform Love Lockdown. Spotted at eskay’s. […]

  5. Plug Jr Says:

    *voicebox voice*

    wackness overload!!!

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Nigga……what’s the deal?!!?! (c) The black nigga from youtube

  7. PW Says:

    Who is this Sophia Fresh chick?

    *Hits up google*

    Oh..I need to correct myself…Who are these Sophia Fresh chicks?

    Not bad…not bad.

  8. 911 Says:

    In many cases people reveal small amounts of personal information about themselves on forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc that can be used to build a profile of who you might be.

    *Is monitoring radioes and specified landlines right now, swear.*

  9. lol Says:

    so so wack

  10. Deano Says:

    I think I am turning japanese, I think I am turning japanese, I really think so….as for the video, a weak attempt at being avant garde but different. I like the track due to my house, d&b and electronica schooling.

  11. Riles Says:

    Wow, that Sophia Fresh joint is a banger

  12. Ron Says:

    Hard to get 12″
    includes the underground smash “put em in your mouth remix” of Love Lockdown LOL

  13. Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Live on Ellen) « The Underground Babylon Says:

    […] For some fucking reason….idk why i feel this but i think Kanye is getting is freak on with Ellen. SIKE AGAIN! lol but any way i got shit to do so props to my nigga eskay’s. […]

  14. anons Says:

    Did you hear those females in the crowd??!!

    this nigga is gonna do incredible numbers with this album, gonna make wayne look like a rookie….that was a dope performance and fans of music will appreciate it…kanye just earned himself a whole new demographic with that single…

  15. jrp14 Says:

    The “hip-Hop Heads” aren’t gonna feel this album, I have a feeling…but Ive enjoyed what I heard. Kanye puts a lot of thought into his music, and in my opinion he has yet to let us down, others may disagree. Dope performance, lookin forward to the album. And what ive heard from luda so far leads me to believe that Theater of the Mind is gonna be illlllllll…

  16. hi-fi Says:

    i’m just waitin for the nigga to yell SIKE and break out with all falls down or some shit like that

  17. Greg Says:

    What’s wrong with hip hop artists trying to reach the largest audience possible sometimes? It shouldn’t be a predicate thought all the time, but as fans and believers in the culture – we have to realize sometimes that shit isn’t always about us. If this crazy creative guy has a song in his heart, let him sing it.

    Kanye did right by the fans on all of his albums so far, he earned the right to do anything he wants for a second. Most artists can’t say that, so that’s a feat in it’s own. He’ll get back to hip hop when he has something to rap about. You act like this guy isn’t guaranteed to drop a super-dope hip hop renaissance piece while Obama is in the white house.

    He’ll get back to the old/angry/elitist fans when he wants to, till then – just go listen to Money, Power, & Respect or something.

  18. DH Bennett Says:

    The benefit of success is the power to be taken seriously no matter what you do…. I really like a lot of Kanye’s work but at the same time i think some of it ain’t great. But it doesn’t matter does it? Cause his shit sells….and thus we do value it as being good. The “bigger” he acts….the “bigger” he gets…. the more people just “like” what he does…..

    As Sam Elliot says, in the Big Labowski: “i like your style dude, but do have to cuss so much”?

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