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Video: Busta Rhymes on Al Jazeera

With DJ Green Lantern. Everyone’s shaking their head at the dance, but this shit is hilarious.

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22 Responses to “Video: Busta Rhymes on Al Jazeera”

  1. nica Says:

    eskay doin that dance as he watches the video tho

  2. HHf Says:


  3. Big Homie Says:


    Give it a minute and just watch. TRUST ME

  4. PW Says:

    This track aint the best, but he gon’ get some play off this dumb ass dance. lol.

  5. NotU Says:


  6. pockets Says:


  7. pockets Says:

    ^omg. how embarrasing

  8. pockets Says:

    LMAO that is some hilarious shit

  9. HHf Says:

    These niggas are way too excited…hilarioius

  10. HHf Says:

    Hey Pockets, no shots, but do you understand anything the newscaster is saying?

  11. anons Says:

    we need this kinda fun back in hip hop..it’s ignorant but it ain’t stupid like dem down south niggas and their nursery rhymes

    i hope this song blows up and has everyone in the club dancin together…its all love

  12. William M. Holla Says:

    Busta made it a bad day to be black.

  13. DeE Says:

    AYO This sht is fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That anchorman was talkin about the money crisis . And im Arab ! The sample of that song is indian not arabic tho..

  14. Big Homie Says:

    Yea it does look fake especially once they threw up those funny pictures of Busta

    The background looks familiar. Looks like this the front of this one club I’ve been to in NYC

  15. pockets Says:

    no hhf i didnt understand what the newscaster was saying, but of course this is fake

    and yea thats an indian sample

    either way im a very big supporter of this song.

  16. pockets Says:

    yo hhf i still have these two mashups u did on my computer, one of them is az ft. nas over the blow ur mind beat and i thnk the other one is a talib kweli joint. that was nice stuff broski

  17. spirit equality Says:

    lol. this can’t be real. wish i spoke arabic so i could understand what the newscaster is saying.

  18. M.Tyson Says:

    busta is a ole head that trying to cling on to his career the music on the Big Bang album was drug and gun talk as we all know Busta isnt that type of rapper now the dance think is big now (ie.soulja boy and the south)he creates a “dance”

    SMH Give it Up Trevor your run was nice but its over now GO AWAY!!

  19. q Says:


  20. Lucky Lucciano Says:

    SMH at you sayin’ Busta fell off but ya tag name is M.Tyson…

  21. Styles Says:

    # Lucky Lucciano Says:
    October 9th, 2008 at 2:20 am

    SMH at you sayin’ Busta fell off but ya tag name is M.Tyson…

    I think M.Tyson just got Pwned!!!

  22. ejordanill Says:

    Busta is dope. Better than 75% of rappers out now.

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