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Video: Fat Joe Needs The Hitmen

Joey Crillz co-signs Sean C & LV.

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13 Responses to “Video: Fat Joe Needs The Hitmen”

  1. SNORT_snortCRAZY88SINCE88 Says:


  2. and the winner is... Says:


  3. that guy Says:

    i thought pistol pete was in jai…ah well

  4. D. Billz Says:

    Fat Burger > Fat Joe

  5. the watcherz Says:

    he need the hitman martin luther king and jesus on track

  6. the watcherz Says:

    fat joe beats >>>>>>>

  7. Rockabye Says:

    FUPA > Fat Joe

    How is Lean Back on that VH1 list? GTFO.

  8. and the winner is... Says:

    joey calzone,,,

  9. and the winner is... Says:

    joey doing the arab money dance shirtless….pause….no fast forward…

  10. Rockabye Says:

    Did Ye produce Cam’s Dead or Alive beat? This is serious.

  11. nation of moderation Says:


  12. ItsMe Says:

    can he say “nigga”???

  13. M.Tyson Says:

    i dont think the Hitmen need Joe cosignature

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