Don’t Watch Me, Watch TV

Wordsmith – Park & Ride (The Sunset Edition)

After the jump: new videos from Kel Spencer, The Kid Famous, Henok Achido, and Bugsy with Juelz Santana.

Kel Spencer – Get It, Get It/This Is Brooklyn

The Kid Famous – What I Wrote When Taking A Shit

Henok Achido – Fly Fresh

Bugzy ft. Juelz Santana – Glock Pop

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8 Responses to “Don’t Watch Me, Watch TV”

  1. nation of moderation Says:


    we sip Grand Cru


  2. Rockabye Says:

    Question: Who would you be most surprised to hear used a ghostwriter?

  3. YBE Says:

    ^^^ SMH niggas will believe anything they read nowadays…… even when that person says he was joking around…

  4. Kubix Says:

    Wordsmith is the man! This song is great and he have more even better.

  5. TSL Says:

    if you like Henok, go here and download the mp3

  6. YBY Says:

    Henok is the truth! Glad you recognize, Eskay.

  7. amanda Says:

    wtf henok was wack

  8. Henok Achido - Almaz Charming Child « The salad days Says:

    […] this album and he even gained the attention of some of the biggest hip hop blogs in the world, like NahRight and RealTalkNY. Because of this my expectations were set very high when I received the album. To my […]

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