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East Coast Avengers – East Coast Odose


I’m not too familiar with these guys’ work, but this song is pretty tough, and I have no problem getting behind a group that not only reps the Right Coast*, but advocates the slaughter of Bill O’Reilly.

East Coast Avengers ft. Celph Titled – East Coast Odose

*I live out there, so don’t go there.

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11 Responses to “East Coast Avengers – East Coast Odose”

  1. NotU Says:

    Big up the white people still rapping

  2. PW Says:

    That beat is kinda nasty.

  3. Plug Says:

    ahhhhhhh….. finally I got it

  4. Plug Says:

    PW Says:

    October 3rd, 2008 at 6:45 pm
    Looked like an mp4.
    cosign. cant be as accurate as the K. the K wasnt even that accurate, but wit the mp4 having a shorter barrel, i cant see it as being as sufficient as a fully auto K… could be wrong tho

  5. that guy Says:

    That beat is kinda nasty.

    too bad the overall song isnt.

  6. NYHC81 Says:

    white people still rapping? since when is hip hop about black people? I mist have missed that meeting, so did about a billion “white people” from Queens and Brooklyn. it’s URBAN music from NEW YORK CITY. not BLACK or WHITE. most of you country fools ruin hip hop 24/7 but that’s besides the point. 7L & Esoteric by the way have been around for over a decade. been doing it since Lil Wayne and Juvenille’s were smashing up Flinstone Vitamins to make pizzzurple drank.

  7. TheManTheMythTheLegend Says:

    This was nice.

  8. toobad Says:

    over a decade. exactly. all the more reason esoteric needs to call it quits.

  9. Knuckz Says:

    Quite nice. I’ve heard this before. Great lyrics and beats. I would buy this.

  10. Glo Says:

    Eso is great. Can’t wait for this.

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