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Video: KiD CuDi Talks 808’s And Heartbreak

via URB

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30 Responses to “Video: KiD CuDi Talks 808’s And Heartbreak

  1. Eastern_Digital Says:

    wo is this? should i know him?

  2. Ryan Says:

    no you should not

  3. R.J.Orion Says:

    Crossbow Says:

    October 1st, 2008 at 8:29 pm
    Wow, that boy Travis Henry is about to take that walk. Dude got popped for sellin that white.


    and he got ratted and framed by his prior co-D’s in the process.

    somebody better body somebody quick (no camel)

  4. R.J.Orion Says:

    Kid CuDi is the illegitimate child of Donny Goines and Mickey Factz.

  5. Crossbow Says:

    and he got ratted and framed by his prior co-D’s in the process.

    somebody better body somebody quick (no camel)


    Those child support payments must’ve been killin’ his game checks if dude was movin’ work on the side.

  6. AFRA Says:

    He’s got alot of room for growth. As long as he does him … im not sure if its the best thing for him to be around kanye that much. Thet got too much in common. There is already one kanye. His own producer was pretty sick … .

  7. Eastern_Digital Says:

    if puff would hired a dope ghostwriter they would make a dope album.

  8. R.J.Orion Says:

    9 kids from 9 different broads…

    WTF ??

    thats mad foul.

  9. RIGZ Says:

    …What’do we get for $10???…

    Follow The Dollar = Song of the year competitor, easy

  10. CiCi The Intern Says:

    # R.J.Orion Says:
    October 1st, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Kid CuDi is the illegitimate child of Donny Goines and Mickey Factz.

    LOL nice. I like Kid Cudi. Ill style.

  11. RIGZ Says:


  12. Fortune Says:

    lol @ “excuse me, i have lint in my eye”


    Daps Rigz

  14. Michael Says:

    Don’t sleep on Cudi. One of the most creative minds hip-hop has no doubt.

    East Coast gangsta shit all day, b.


    Aight ya im out, ima go fuck some earpussy

  16. RIGZ Says:

    Spudz Digi

    You fucking with that “follow the dollar” track?

    Thats one of my favourite songs of recent memory

    Beat is ridiculous

  17. R.J.Orion Says:

    ” dont fuck with a minor, i shoulda made your aunt lick the semen out your mother’s vagina, when i stuck it behind her, now im cursed with you, me and ugly had sex and gave birth to you…” (c) charles hamilton


    Yeah cnn might have a good album on their hands

    And after youre destroyed like women from Latvia, you’d be sold to the muslim part of Bosnia by the mafia

  19. Ciera Says:

    KiD CuDi is my favorite new artist. The mixtape is sooo fresh. I love Kanye, but not Auto-Tune, so I think KiD CuDi’s part will be what I’m looking forward to most off 808’s & Heartbreak. Hopefully there will be other good things about it, but damn, I hate Auto-Tune. KiD CuDi is gonna be in my city tonight. I wish I could got, but I’m not 21 so I can’t get in to the venue!

  20. All Day Every Day Says:

    Listen this bitch Sarah Palin is crashiing and burning on tv…..wtf….lol


    Why dont charles hamilton just rock a pink vibrator

    Pink is the color of life, you gotta put ya dick in the pink to make life

    Vibrators vibrate, vibration is sound

    When you put a vibrator in the pink, its actually making sounds of life

  22. sci. Says:

    cudi’s gonna blow up the most out of all these up and coming cats. he’s got CRAZY crossover appeal.

  23. via_Pluto Says:

    Cudi’s dope, might be the best thing to come off GOOD besides Ye and Common.

  24. kallywood Says:

    i gotta follow the dollar remix i want yall opinions on…ill put it up tomorrow

  25. ant Says:

    i jus found out i kan listen to zshares on my iphone im juuiced

  26. postman Says:

    interviewer: so how is your album going to be different?
    kid: the sound

  27. los Says:

    Kid Cudi Is FIRE & I just got the chills just knowing he’s going to be on 808’s. FUCK.

  28. mike d Says:

    i know cudi personally dude is dummm cocki

  29. mike d Says:

    meant to write cocky fuck

  30. TopBananas Says:

    I was @ this show. I thought he was pretty good.


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