Video: Q-Tip @ Knitting Factory 9/27

At like 6:48 in, the whole scenario switches and the place goes batshit.

Props to Mikey Fresh

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9 Responses to “Video: Q-Tip @ Knitting Factory 9/27”

  1. dj dirt hollywood Says:


  2. Safe Says:

    well…wish i was there…crazy !!!

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    if you think Max B is better than ANYBODY, you shouldn’t be listening to hip hop


    shots at joe88?

    ^Negative, they know better than that.

    *Turns up Max B “City with no hoes”*

  4. b Says:

    holyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk i felt the intensity of that right there! niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

  5. Don Juan Says:

    ^ WOW

    ^ WOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW… Junk playing for an all white crowd? Where they do that at?

  6. kyo Says:

    busta is the man but i doubt his album release will reflect this energy from the crowd nor the internet respect he gets. old heads are fading out. q-tip aint gonna push much either. jay been declining. ll cool j is officially done. wu tang aint move shit, ice cube the same. even snoop couldnt move shit with his leftfield hit. its the error of sensitive whiney nigga rap

  7. .maxiM Says:

    Damn, Tip is back. I’ve been waiting his return for years. I was supposed to see him live in Montreux back in 2004, but his fucked label didn’t give him enough loot and Mos came to replace it. “Kamaal the Abstract” and “Open” were both dope and innovative albums, but got shelved. It’s fucked up. Now he’s back, on Motown, and this shit will be a classic. I already know some of its song, they got some Dilla goodness, got Stevie Wonder, got D’Angelo, got Andre 3000 and many more. Q-Tip is Hip Hop incarnated, period.

    Peace from France.

  8. SeanCK Says:

    date was 9-29… right… cause i was in NYC on the 27th… no tip show

  9. Batshits and Shit Says:

    Post of the Year (Hands Down)

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