Vote or Die: Choose the Notorious Movie Poster


Fox Searchlight would like to involve the public in the selection of the official theatrical poster for their upcoming Biggie biopic Notorious. Hit the jump to check out the 3 choices and place your vote.


Click the image to go to the voting page. You can only vote once, so get focused.

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52 Responses to “Vote or Die: Choose the Notorious Movie Poster”

  1. b-ease Says:

    This is gonna suck. But how ill would it be if it was actually good?

  2. Malakidagod Says:

    number 3

  3. Billy Kincaid Says:

    I’d go with #1. #2 looks like the movie’s a comedy and #3 looks like a superhero poster.

  4. Fresh Says:


  5. BIC Says:


    Why didn’t they use gorilla black


    Number 3

    But wtf do i know

  7. b-ease Says:

    I voted for #1 and felt like a loser for taking part in that shit.

    Also, (late pass if needed) : Faizon Love goin at Funk Flex. Bizarre and hilarious.

  8. ODEMIC Says:

    #2 looks like the movie’s a comedy

    I disagree, number 2’s the best of the worst.

  9. PW Says:

    #3 ftw.

    #2 looks kinda a comedy as someone said.

    1 could work..but…mi nuh know.

  10. THE-XFACTA Says:

    I’d just prefer Biggie to be here… I really miss this dude (||)

  11. nation Says:

    no voyeur, but 911 looks exactly like i thought he’d look… ol 3 feet high and rising motherfucker

    a pic of him and eskay

  12. biz Says:


  13. THE-XFACTA Says:

    nation Says:

    September 29th, 2008 at 9:29 pm
    no voyeur, but 911 looks exactly like i thought he’d look… ol 3 feet high and rising motherfucker

    a pic of him and eskay


    *Presses Life Alert Button*

  14. BEZ Says:

    ^^Word to THE-XFACTA.

    #2 looks like a Vibe magazine cover. #3 looks like it is making Gravy the star instead of the legacy of B.I.G.

    I pick #1, because co-stars get a little shine too. I should know I’m the black Ricky Gervais.

  15. Inf Says:

    number 3 loks the best

  16. Carlos Voltron Says:


  17. G7 Says:


  18. Ryan Says:

    3 all the way.
    2 is real bad.

  19. Matthias d College Boy Says:


  20. Ty Says:


  21. G7 Says:

    2 is wack, 1 gets the silver medal.

  22. ODEMIC Says:

    so i guess, based on y’all responses, they’re all horrible…

  23. BKScribe Says:

    3 FTW

    # nation Says:
    September 29th, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    no voyeur, but 911 looks exactly like i thought he’d look… ol 3 feet high and rising motherfucker

    a pic of him and eskay

    *wears suede in the rain*

  24. b-ease Says:

    Oh yea, #1

  25. largesmoke Says:

    This is going to be rude!

  26. R.J.Orion Says:


  27. R.J.Orion Says:

    cover #1

    lmao @ 911= posdonous

  28. duyukid Says:

    i vote for #1

  29. nation Says:

    >> lmao @ 911= posdonous

    from Ning, of course… no “Check Out This Motorcycle Crash”

  30. WR Says:


  31. R.J.Orion Says:


    “Check Out This Motorcycle Crash”


    i was traumatized by that.

  32. Stratford Lex Says:


  33. MONEY MAKIN Says:

    Theres way TOO much on the first two. 3rd all the way, maybe “super hero moveish” but the thing is, this movie should be epic, it’s about Bigs life, so run with the one that closely identifies with him. The 3rd image is simple, and gets to the point, you know what movie it is.

  34. PHENOMENON Says:

    Couldn’t they make one that’s more. . .Brooklyn?

  35. 911 Says:

    lol…I take a break to watch some American football and come back to this…nation you know this means war. (No whatever), I look way better than that nigga.

  36. 911 Says:

    is it

  37. sabio Says:

    3. yo, fuckin number 3 is classy. on some ray, walk the line type shit. i mean, thats what he deserves, no? some legit intriguing image thatll even pique the average cats curiosity. shit, it does look like a superhero type movie poster as well. billy kincaid, youre right, and thats what makes it so ill.

  38. Carlos Voltron Says:

    Look alikes:
    Lloyd Banks and The Great Khali

  39. G7 Says:


  40. Blah Says:

    3 period.

  41. Greg Says:

    I can see why they want to use a flashy, hero-esque picture of Biggie, it’s supposed to be a rags-to-riches story – and that was what Biggie strived for, don’t forget that B.I.G. did it for the money. From the perspective of a hip hop fan, of course I’d rather see him looking fat, black, and nasty as ever in a yellow Bad Boy jersey with jean shorts and Timb boots – but that’s not the focus of the piece, and I imagine the depiction of his early life, which is the parts fans would most want to see, will pale in comparison to the “glam” and “glitz” that will dominate the flick. I hope Voletta didn’t thumb down too much of the good stuff….

  42. SB Says:

    #1. if you chose different: fail.

  43. YBE Says:

    Charles hamilton > Nas

  44. JoMoses Says:

    So everyone is in agreement that number 2 is garbage…

  45. blaaster Says:

    # YBE Says:
    September 30th, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Charles hamilton > Nas

    my ass!

  46. J. Caesar Says:

    #1 IS THE BEST ONE, Can’t wait for this shit…………

  47. AFRA Says:

    #1 … #3 is a batman knock off. #2 is ghetto.

  48. Cestert Says:

    A Fucking poster why didnt they fucking let the people pick who would be Biggie instead they picked some bootleg as nigga with no acting experience, The only thing he acted was that he got shot !! LMAO !!!
    Fuck the posters ….

  49. p-417 Says:

    they all ass

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