The Game ft. Mars – Through My Eyes

The Game ft. Mars – Through My Eyes

Props to StudioRats

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6 Responses to “The Game ft. Mars – Through My Eyes”

  1. sleep Says:

    Damm can the media suck brett favre any harder

  2. old.sole Says:

    it was worse last season

  3. b-ease Says:

    I think Game is dope, and Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate are two of the best hip hop albums that have dropped in the past 5 years. But LAX kind of sucks.

  4. biz Says:

    name droppin ass nigga. i bet my nigga $10 dollars he would name drop at least three times in any given verse.

    guess who won…….
    tisk.tisk. tisk.

  5. Stratford Lex Says:

    Game went in (pause) real introspective lyrics an beat

  6. KThundo Says:

    damn…i was hoping yall had a typo on MURS

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