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Icadon ft. E3 & Redman – Please Believe


Off the Ic-Tracy mixtape, coming this Halloween.

Icadon ft. E3 & Redman – Please Believe

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7 Responses to “Icadon ft. E3 & Redman – Please Believe”

  1. Joe 88 Says:

    SMH @ Redman hoodie, civilians on GTA IV be rocking dem shits.

  2. FuckUPayMe618 Says:

    >Suburban Niggas got money…so they buy albums….

    Street Niggaz buy bootlegs or download…

    Fuck street niggaz

    ^^^Almost every nigga or white person i met in college downloaded mad music. Niggas had like 40 gigs worth of music on the hard drive.

  3. Tumer Says:

    President Palin > President Jackson
    Shit eskay, you need to give the curtis hating a rest. That shit was funny as fuck. Fifty’s shit talkin>>> 905 of these rappers.
    have to admit, despite the garbage he put out the last rounds out, I’m actually lookin forward to Before I Self Destruct. Needs to get back on that 02/03 shit (c 50 shot ya)… start spittin some introspective shit- SMILE the next album might be his last

  4. Tumer Says:

    My bad…. Fifty’s shit talkin >>> 90% of these MC’s raps

  5. Tumer Says:

    Nice to see some Reggie up. Redman undisputed Top 5 alive

  6. Belize Says:



  7. ha ha Says:

    This nigga said: “I treat the game like a joke. you talking bout the grams on your boat like the fans wanna row”

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