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Joe Budden’s Halfway House Cover


Here’s the cover for Halfway House, Joe’s 14 track prequel to the now delayed Padded Room. This will be available through Amalgam Digital at some point in October.

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35 Responses to “Joe Budden’s Halfway House Cover”

  1. b-ease Says:

    *blank stares it up*s

  2. yeah me 2 Says:

    owwwwww we sip Grand Cru

  3. PHOENIXXX Says:

    *Padded dust head stare*


    this nigga stay lookin “sickly”

  5. moresickaMC Says:

    im surprised those r not beats by dre headphones. theyr everywhere these days

  6. yeah me 2 Says:

    goggle earth me…i got spots in other states b

  7. Dodger Clemens Says:

    only rappers can get away with sleeve tats

  8. sleep Says:

    Johan santana line

    O runs, 3 hits, 117pitches on 3 days rest u are a fucking beast johan he’s the cy young

    *pay attention to brewers and phillies game pray for 2 loses.

  9. raycharleshamilton Says:

    maybe a joint feat max b …

  10. Joe Budden Halfway House Cover « legiNdary Status Says:

    […] Joe Budden Halfway House Cover […]

  11. sleep Says:

    I fell sorry for that guy joe buddens I may download is album and mixtape legally out of symapthy.

    Maybe not cause he’ll probably take my hard earn money and make it rain on them hoes

  12. G7 Says:

    should be dope

  13. yeah me 2 Says:

    “i heard muthafuckas sayin they made Hov”

  14. Malakidagod Says:

    i aint know joe had so many tats wtf

  15. sleep Says:

    Who said they made hov?

    I bet it was that nigga dame. For ppl who said dame is such a great businessman wtf has he done since the beak up that had the boy hovi on the ropes? Nothing. And I don’t want to hear nigga say he’s probably doing shit on the low cause that’s a lie. Cause that nigga is a loud mouth cocky nigga who wants the world to know how many businesses deal he’s making

    Milwakee is losing seem like my mets are back in this race.

  16. Jimmy valentime Says:

    that cover looks like a no limit cover almost

    is this a retail project or a mixtape ?

    honestly they could just did a shot of the table and had the words JOE Buddens scrawlled all crazy and that would work better

  17. soowavy Says:

    its retail album but one of the first “digital only” albums on AmalgamDigital.com. I read somewhere they also offered a limited run CD version of it to fans who bought padded room CD in advance from joebuddenpaddedroom.com

  18. Charles Oakley Says:

    This guy come out with the worst CD covers.

  19. hellrugga Says:

    talking at royce

    kill joe’s career,
    kill it !

  20. hellrugga Says:

    By Ismael AbduSalaam
    A Bronx apartment recognized as the birthplace of Hip-Hop culture is expected to be sold next week.

    Located at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, the building’s landlord group plans to withdraw the property from the city’s moderate housing program, allowing the owners to pay off the building’s $5 million dollar balance.
    The property will then be sold to high-profile real estate developer Mark Karasick, putting the future of the 100 families living there in doubt.

    The tenants and partnered housing advocates attempted to block the sale by filing a lawsuit in the State Supreme Court.

    Yesterday (September 26), the courts ruled against the groups and dismissed the suit. In the early 1970s, Kingston, Jamaica native and Hip-Hop founder Clive Campbell moved into the building.

    There he quickly constructed a graffiti crew dubbed the Ex-Vandals, and took on his famous DJ moniker Kool Herc.

    Exasperated by the gang violence that plagued the neighborhood, Herc and his sister Cindy began hosting parties in the building’s recreation room.

    Utilizing two turntables and a guitar amp, Herc revolutionized music by isolating “the breaks” of popular records like James Brown’s “Give It Up or Turn It Loose,” Booker T and the MG’s “Melting Pot,” Babe Ruth’s “The Mexican,” and The Incredible Bongo Band’s “Apache.”

    This style of musical arrangement grew exponentially, attracting dancers (B-Boys and B-Girls) and fellow DJs and future Hip-Hop luminaries Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash.

    Last year, New York officially christened the building “the birthplace of Hip-Hop” and declared it eligible for national and state registrars.

    At the press time, the bank financing the sale on the property is unknown. According to reports, 1520 Sedgwick Avenue is estimated to be sold for $7.5 million.

    buy this ish !!! and do a restaurant/museum or what u want lol
    AND U WILL DO A RESPECT FOR DAT THING, hiphop community
    cuz real bad boy label is dead and g-unit too thus

  21. shopkins Says:

    cool cover.. personifies the plights and ends of addiction

  22. G7 Says:

    bad year for album covers.

  23. PHOENIXXX Says:

    this album cover>>>>>>>>>>>Wu Tang albums


    I find more enjoyment staring at the artwork of an unreleased mixtape than listening to actual music from Wu Tang

    thats just how I feel, why you hating b?

  24. G7 Says:

    lol!! foh pnixx.

  25. PHOENIXXX Says:

    I wish I pre-ordered Padded Room so I could get Halfway House on CD

    smh @ only pressing up copies for people who pre-ordered before the push back

    Amalgam is fucking up (c)Dave Chappelle

  26. Sean Coonery Says:

    Joe Budden nobody carries if you are depressed paranoid schizophrenic..

    Do us all a favor…and committ suicide….You will be remembered better if you kill yourself…

    You have no legacy…no one will miss you…

    Joe Budden I hope you reading this…

    And Yes I’m Mad…and Yes I’m a hater…

  27. hellrugga Says:

    TOP 3 worst cover this year !
    budden padded room, termanology politics as usual and prodigy hnic2

  28. Roma Says:

    Funny, i fucks with this cover.

  29. JL Says:

    who even cares anymore?

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    […] I guess one more post wouldn’t hurt before I passed out. Here goes the artwork to Joey’s upcoming Halfway House. The non-prequel prequel to his delayed album Padded Room; which will be available in October through Amalgam Digital. Speak of… thanks for the shirt! (Although I wear a ‘M’ not a ‘XL’ haha). Spotted as eskay’s. Hit the jump for a little larger version… […]

  31. Este Uno Says:

    One of the dopest album covers ever

  32. elgindotcom Says:

    he belongs in a halfway house.. fuckin fiend.

  33. Matt Says:

    I live close to buddens…I have met him personally and have followed him since his mixtape career… hes not big headed nor does he forget where he came from ..and though he may not have the club popping hyped music that every1 in the industry critiques on but he lyrically can rip shit up … looking forward to the album

  34. Killa Kate Says:

    Budden> then anyone hot right now.

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