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Freeway – How I Feel (Produced by Cassius)

More new Leslie. Thanks to Splash.

Freeway – How I Feel (Produced by Cassius)

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75 Responses to “Freeway – How I Feel (Produced by Cassius)”

  1. yeah me 2 Says:

    “You can bring the baby guerilla wit you, he’s dying for free” lmao

  2. plug Says:

    /\ I cnat think off hand who said that.. it never dawned on me that they was talkin bout free… who said that?????

  3. hellrugga Says:

    yeah i wanna see nas or jigga on this beat
    just to see the performance, cuz it’s nasir and shawn so

    but fo real MAX B needs beats like dat !

    some hardcore wave, more wavy riff

    And i think i have already listennnned this instru,
    but where ???

  4. M.Tyson Says:

    plug Says:

    September 27th, 2008 at 9:11 pm
    /\ I cnat think off hand who said that.. it never dawned on me that they was talkin bout free… who said that?????

    Kiss said that on the disco track when was going at beanie

  5. M.Tyson Says:

    why did his moms name him leslie *faceplam*

  6. plug Says:

    Kiss said that on the disco track when was going at beanie
    oh yeah. I was just listening to that mixtape. I should be ashamed of myself for thinkin jada was talkin bout beans’ kids…

  7. YBE Says:

    damn. mad shots being thrown in this chris rock special…

  8. plug Says:

    damn. mad shots being thrown in this chris rock special…
    dam I forgot that was on.

    *drives to Fridays*

  9. sleep Says:

    Aint nobody better than johan satana

    Igot the cold and this vick inhaler shit it like a drug I’m addicted no cassie

  10. hellrugga Says:

    Nas on his last press conference
    “Make The World Go Round” signification
    “People with power they gonna to do everything to keep that power, to keep poor people poor. So what poor people gotta do, poor people gotta stand up, get their grind on, get gangsta. Because whether you’re in the streets or you’re in a corporate office, gangstas make the world go round. Ballers make the world go round”
    relationship with westcoast rapper The Game
    “Game is a good guy. He’s all about the art. He’s all about writing. Every time you see him he’s fun. Dude will make you crack up laughing just telling you street stories and just telling you about his day. It’s easy to work with him because he loves what he does and he’s somebody that makes me feel like I gotta keep writing.”
    so the video iz probably for the next week !

  11. YBE Says:

    nah chris buggin singing gwen stefani on stage… lol

  12. and the winner is... Says:

    real names = real life…werd

  13. Rocadopalis Says:

    This beat is MAD old…but I’m feelin it.

  14. plug Says:

    aint no streaming hbo sites where I can watch that chris rock special? friday’s aint got hbo

  15. and the winner is... Says:

    aint no streaming battle site where i can watch mysonne vs e ness?

  16. nation Says:

    I’ll send you a link when I get it, it’ll be later though

  17. nation Says:

    And click those Chris Rock ads

    *orders another bottle*

  18. sleep Says:

    I ordered me some sushi/cause my girl bleeding from her pussy/nah right celebrity/ like billz d-block and greenie/ eskay gave me this platform/ I can’t for after halloween/ so I could get cheap candy corns in the bargin bin/i stay looking fo deal so I stay at the holiday inn

    Damm I’m nice holler at me

  19. YBE Says:

    after this its confirmed for me…

    dave Chappelle >>>> Chris Rock

  20. moresickaMC Says:

    YBE Says:
    September 27th, 2008 at 10:19 pm
    after this its confirmed for me…

    dave Chappelle >>>> Chris Rock
    it terms of LOL’s yah…..but they sort of hav different styles. chapelle is more in your face comedy. Rock is more “yah now that i think about thats funny’

  21. moresickaMC Says:

    but i could accept an argument for chapelle being better than Rock. chapelle is in a league of his own.he is already practically a legend in the short time he has been mainstream

  22. YBE Says:

    ^^^ no your wrong… Chappelle in any way is funnier than chris rock…

  23. YBE Says:

    it wasnt up for discussion…

  24. sleep Says:

    Cipha sound»»»chris rock»»»dave chapelle

  25. the watcherz Says:

    chris was alright…….the whole when to say nigga thing was funny

  26. sleep Says:

    Saying chappelle is better than rock is like saying dwayne is better than shawn or nasir( what a name)

  27. YBE Says:

    ^^ i dont know about that but after this wack ass special tonight you have to be retarded not to think chappelle > rock… all dave chappelle stand up specials are straight classics…

  28. sleep Says:

    So if a legel catch 1 dud he automatically loses the crown.

  29. M.Tyson Says:

    Niggaz vs Black people is funnier than anything chappelle has ever said


  30. pockets Says:

    dave chappelle is > chris rock, then again chappelle is the funniest man on the planet hands down. so its nothing against chris rock, i like him too.

  31. moresickaMC Says:

    any1 know where i can watch the wsohh battles? i aint tryna pay $9.99 for that sh*

  32. pockets Says:

    chappelle’s DC show was prolly the greatest standup show of all time, the one where he talks about sesame street and the baby on the corner selling weed.

  33. YBE Says:

    ^^^ “for what its worth” when he got the yellow muhammad ali shirt is my favorite… every joke had me dying…

  34. duyukid Says:

    yo.. i was just on WSOHH…

    that Head Ice vs. whoever battle…..

    Head Ice destroyed the lil homie.. and his homeboy….

    smh.. check it..


  35. PHENOMENON Says:

    dave Chappelle >>>> Chris Rock

    ^ ^ ^
    I disagree.

  36. moresickaMC Says:

    pockets Says:

    September 27th, 2008 at 11:17 pm
    chappelle’s DC show was prolly the greatest standup show of all time, the one where he talks about sesame street and the baby on the corner selling weed.
    now here is sum1 who knows. chappelle in DC is still my fav of his. one of the goat standups..str8 up

  37. moresickaMC Says:

    chapelle would have murdad evry1 else if he was in “kings of com”

  38. YBE Says:

    dave Chappelle >>>> Chris Rock

    ^ ^ ^
    I disagree.

    I don’t

  39. duyukid Says:

    edit: not wsohh…

    i was on wshh worldstarhiphop.com

  40. pockets Says:

    yea definitely for what its worth was also great, when the bus got taken hostage by the bum who was about to unload

  41. YBE Says:

    MORE!!! MONKEY!!! PUSSY!!! FO!!! ME!!!

  42. YBE Says:

    if sugar shane dont win this fight tonight he might be finished…


    ricardo mayorga’s one of the funniest shit talkers ever


    shane’s gonna win

  45. drew Says:

    shane better win


    pomona stand up

  47. YBE Says:

    oh shit he knocked him out back to back one on the second time..

  48. YBE Says:

    *one hand

  49. sleep Says:

    I’m sleepy but not tired

  50. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Freeway!! Up 52nd street right by the bootleg stand….

    West Philly stand up!!!

  51. PHENOMENON Says:

    I don’t

    ^ ^ ^
    Of course you don’t. It’s your opinion.

  52. sleep Says:

    Lacey duvalle»»»»»»your favorite pornstar

  53. KING ELZ Says:

    Since FREE AT LAST i have learned to respect this man’s artistic skills and integrity. Most underrated album of the decade.

  54. ant Says:

    Lacey duvalle»»»»»»your favorite pornstar


  55. Freeway - How I Feel (Produced by Cassius) | Hip-Hop News: For Heads, By Heads Says:

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  56. moresickaMC Says:

    i hear e.ness smashed mysonne in da battle

  57. Tumer Says:

    New Fifty joint up ar thiscurtis.com… 50 for president, classic 50 shit talkin
    Dude’s hilarious. Don’t even rap no mo

  58. Tumer Says:

    BooBoo’s shit talkin>> 90% of these mc’s raps

  59. Tumer Says:

    his last few shit’s been trash lately, but i’m actually lookin forward to Before I Self Destruct. Need that 02/03 shit, less gimmicks

  60. sleep Says:

    I have a hard time refering to another man as boo_ooo. That what my girl calls me. I’m a straight grenadian american

  61. Tumer Says:

    I didn’t pick it bru

  62. hellrugga Says:


  63. hellrugga Says:


  64. Joe 88 Says:

    >Tye Knots Vs. Head Ice

    ^Wackest battle ever, besides both of these niggas being wack, Ice a clown for bringing the whole left side of his family tree to the battle.

    SMH @ battle hall of famers being there like loaded lux, Math, Murda Mook, a few others co-signing Ice. It should be a battle rule that you can’t bring more than 5 dudes with you

  65. Fokis Says:

    “this Fokis nigga look like Tony Yayo & Chris Webber had a baby.”

    LOL…LOL..LOL…LOL thats funny…. people used to always tell me i looked like chris webber (when i was a lil slimmer of course…lol) but thats funny. Thanks guys for posting my video, word greatly appreciated it. I’m glad some of you guys enjoyed it. i know i cant please everyone. make sure you download the EP right from my page http://www.myspace.com/fokis2k or http://www.fokis2k.com its free and its Fire…

  66. moresickaMC Says:

    Banks mixtape is fire

  67. Tumer Says:

    Yeah that PLK tape is nice

  68. Joe 88 Says:

    Does anyone got footage of mysonne & E.Ness battle? Or the mook battle


    Battles were kinda dope last night


    After parties was better


    No winners yet joe the people choose the winners with texts

  71. Joe 88 Says:

    The footage aint hit the internet yet? Cause I read some of the viewers reviews & it went like this

    Lady Luck Won
    Murda mook won
    E. Ness won
    Tech N9ne won

    What’s your opinion digi? I really wanna see this shit, & I kinda wanna bone lady luck just because she’s light-skinned, lol


    Wrd I’d holla at luck too but she’s a dyke..

    Ill co sign that list too.

  73. Joe 88 Says:

    Word is Cassidy turned down 100 stacks to battle murda mook? If this is true, it’s official, cassidy is scared of this nigga, aint no way in hell i’m turning down 100 stacks for 3 rounds, & i’m tired of niggas worried about there career being over if they lose a battle cause it’s not true, unless you get demolished in the battle your career will not be over, it’s always gonna be someone saying you won, I just think these niggas is scared to lose, smh @ pride getting in the way of money.

    If cassidy would’ve battled mook & won for the 100 stacks, he could’ve brought 5 years worth of white tee’s, lol

  74. HHF Says:

    This song is quite dope

  75. Tumer Says:

    its midday sk where the new posts ( yea I know its sunday and all)

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