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Charles Hamilton – Ronald McDonald

Here are a couple of leaks off the next Hamilton mixtape Staff Development, which drops here on Tuesday.

Charles Hamilton – Ronald McDonald

Show TuFli – The Life

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11 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – Ronald McDonald”

  1. biz Says:

    dude wtf.
    (c) Jonah Hill

  2. sammmmm Says:

    dope. cant wait.

  3. BKScribe Says:


  4. uhhhh Says:


  5. uhhhh Says:


  6. biz Says:

    cant knock the sample though.

  7. Cliff Skighwalker Says:

    one of his better joints…definitely worth being featured…

  8. AntSoReady Says:


  9. L-L Says:


  10. D Says:

    this dude is gonna be the next papoose…. gets co-signed out the ass, drops 500 mixtapes, never drops an official album, then disappears

  11. Native Sun Says:

    this shit is pretty fly

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