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Video: G-Dep – Stay Up

I haven’t heard the Deponomics mixtape, but I have to say that title fascinates me since, last I heard, Dep was another casualty of the Diddy fiscal doctrine. Looking at this video, dude is about a million miles away from where he used to be. That said, he spit a little something on this song right here.

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25 Responses to “Video: G-Dep – Stay Up”

  1. sleep Says:

    Dep got a mixtape. I need that in my life. His first album still get play in my ipod

  2. Dodger Clemens Says:

    eskay Says:
    February 18th, 2007 at 7:03 pm
    who am I kidding, I’d be raping niggas too if I was in that position. Any young bloggers out there wanna sign to Nah Right? I’ll get you that new Civic.
    lmao !

  3. BKScribe Says:

    i was already on fish and spaghetti


    I’d be raping niggas too if I was in that position.

  5. All Day Every Day Says:

    nobody makes it out when fucking Diddy…(c) 112, total, biggie, J-Lo……

    Diddy is poison…lol

    Nahright comment section > niggas actual blogging sites

  6. nation Says:

    Mccain don’t wanna shoot on live duke, he rusty
    Them honleys that gassed him I ass too

  7. nation Says:

    *pulls black card*

    This rounds on eskay

  8. All Day Every Day Says:

    McCain is pacer away from the upper room….his assistant should have a coffin on deck at all times

  9. PW Says:

    Im glad this nigga hasn’t given up on music like so many other fallen-off rappers.

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Child of the Ghetto!!! Good lookin on postin this Esko. G Deezy’s first album was the business. Can’t check this out though cos at the J.O. One of you Nahggers is required to give me a break down and tell me whether it’s any good or not.

  11. sleep Says:

    Republica hate mccain. And that’s fucked up

  12. Ty Says:

    I always wondered whut happened to Black Rob???

  13. All Day Every Day Says:

    and the thing is G-dep should give up….he should holla Amil and see if he can get on with Macys or Big K….

  14. moresickaMC Says:

    so wots this about Heltah Skeltah. is the album really that good?

  15. Cliff Skighwalker Says:

    Dep sounds mad tired…..*snoring*

  16. DON Says:


  17. kallywood Says:

    honestly i dont think the heltah skeltah album is great, but it is pretty good.

    imma have to attribute the change in g-dep to hard drugs

  18. paychexx Says:

    in the hood like a draw string…..crazy

    dep was/is raw, yall niggas is sleeping like newborns

  19. ian Says:

    > Dep was another casualty of the Diddy fiscal doctrine…

    Er… try another casualty of his own drug habit….

  20. Belize Says:

    That harlem track goes dumb hard…he shoulda made a vid 4 that

  21. gadget Says:


    Harlem is the next video we shootin’ cuzzo.

  22. Parodi Says:

    Deponomics, any got the link on that?

  23. G-Dep - Stay Up Says:

    […] G-Dep is straight crack. I love Child of the Ghetto and now I love this new joint. I have actually listened to it about 30 times in the last day. I just really like it. Check it out on Nahright. […]

  24. Tom Says:

    what beat is this

  25. JackJohnson Says:

    Where’s Dep’s Swag? that nigga look lost

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