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Video: Homeboy Sandman Presents Live From…The Lunchroom

Here’s the first episode of “Live From…”, a new video series from Homeboy Sandman of the AOK Collective.

I’ll let him tell it:

i hope you’ll find a minute to check out my first episode of LIVE FROM . . . something to grant people access into the live show atmosphere of well known, as well as up and coming, super ryhmers. this episode features myself, Blu, AG, Oddisee, and Donny Goines among other cats. this being my first episode i learned a few things the hard way, like don’t kill your battery before cats even rock ’cause catsis a lot more lose after the show than before. i’da liked to have more footage of blu. mickey came through and rocked that night too. i’ll have plenty opportunities to get them cats later on though.

Previously: Homeboy Sandman on Loud Favorites

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40 Responses to “Video: Homeboy Sandman Presents Live From…The Lunchroom”

  1. HELLRUGGA Says:


  2. Big Homie Says:

    Meteor Man > Sandman

  3. blaze22 Says:

    Been gone for awhile. Daps everyone.

    Anyone know the name of that Charles Hamilton joint that was playing in Entourage last night?

  4. Wonder Bread Says:

    Home Boy Sandman is dope to the fullest. I be checking him out at his show’s and he is totally official. Gotta check out his site and shit. He deserves all credit.

    I want to see more of what he got on “Live From…” see what everything is all about.

    ya digg

    -Wonder Bread

  5. Killah B Says:

    Homeboy Sands and da AOk crew is da truth. Gettin back to hip-hop basics. Stamp, sign, seal it.

  6. Yessie Says:

    Keep on working hard Sandman, I really enjoy your music. Peace

  7. Jay Says:

    as if they didn’t already know sands… nice footage.
    you gotta keep letting folks know that sands = truth.

  8. Kalae Says:

    Why are you talking about entourage when there are amazing MCs in front of you!! grrr.. Yo Homeboy Sandman and the AOK Collective are the shit.. nice cuts


  9. Ro Says:

    So these are the shinanigans that go on backstage!! LOL This is hot (makes me wanna get a video camera :-)) but nothing beats being there live!! Me and Vanessa are going through Sandy withdrawl so you know we will definitely be at the Knitting Factory on the 10th (everyone should!!). :-)

    Happy Birthday luv!! :-)

  10. PhotoQueen Says:

    yo u always doing something new…i love this video i cant wait to see more. i think it is a wonderful start for something beautiful!…it inspires me even more for the show im working on…I HOPE NEWLY UPDATED VIDS WILL BE IN THE EMAIL BLAST!

  11. Matthew Brothers Says:

    boi de la croix!

  12. 8th Says:

    Dig it, sun!

  13. Aziza Says:

    Homeboy Sandman is super ill!!! i likey his music a loty like pilates…yep.

  14. js Says:

    cool video. when is homeboy sandman’s next show? i’ve been trying to catch him in nyc for a while now… who did the editing? ;)

  15. DJ Dezz Says:

    Sandman is the Jose Reyes of the rap game. Setting it off and scoring

  16. Lissette Says:

    just a peak into the underground world of talent. . .hosted by the most talented of all;-)

  17. Brina Payne Says:

    Oh shit!

  18. P.CASSO of AOK Says:

    Dope shit Sandman! AOK doing big things…. Get that Actual Factual Pteradactyl album, yo. Homeboy Sandman shit is ill…

  19. Conscious Says:

    Homeboy Sandman is the hardest working dude in NYC! One of the livest shows with the most energy… Bye Haters! Homeboy Sandman is better then your favorite rapper 9/10… FOH if you ain’t with the movement… Go kick rocks!

  20. Erick Says:

    Funny ass episode!!! Interested in the future episodes. Cool way to learn about some new emcees on the scene who actually have some talent.

  21. DJ Dezz Says:

    Sandman is the CC Sabathia of Rap. Carrying the team

  22. Jake Lefco Says:

    AIR RAID! The boy Sand is trouble!!! The whole episode was dope. Respect due!

  23. KLAE.FACER Says:

    Homeboy Sandman was at my crib not too long ago(no homo).
    I’m not really one for that style of Rap I’m more of a street dude but I do like this niggas music its clever and his wordplay is crazy..And he knows my fam so he’s good money with me!! Mucho Props!!

  24. evie Says:

    looks dope!

  25. Love Child Says:

    A lyrical genius on the brink of global notoriety.

  26. Black Goose in sheep's clothing Says:

    HS the new testament–keep this fresh new music and video on the airwaves, or an air raid will soon follow!!!!! Ballin!!!!!! Intercepted
    Much props to Homeboy Sandman

  27. VEe Says:

    I guess the people doesn’t know. Sandman is crazy tight! If you check out his show, he will give a lot of energy on stage!

    The flow is wicked and diverse.

  28. louis logic Says:

    who in the wide world of sports is meteor man? homeboy sandman is the best thing bubbling in the underground. he’s an innovator, an inspiration and an inevitability. to the people who haven’t heard of him… you will.

  29. Mr. Beatz aka Capital B Says:

    If you look up the word “Truth” in the dictionary you should see this cat’s name cuz he IS the truth right now. He’s a very talented MC, dope performer, works MAD hard at what he does, “etc., etc.” His new album is one of the dopest albums out right now. Go cop it and watch him do his thing live if you haven’t! Even if you have, go watch him again! LOL

  30. Why-G? Says:


  31. MyGrannieIsMoreGangstaThanYou Says:

    Dope shit! Now I don’t have to go to every show! Ha nah…but I did miss this one and it looked pretty fucking live. At this point I don’t think anyone is sleeping on Boy Sand. So I’ll save the wake the fuck up rant. But if you wanna support some real shit go to a show and cop a cd and talk to these fools…cuz they’re the NOW and the FUTURE of NYC hip hop.

  32. Ama Says:

    Live is always best: in person, blood, flesh, sweat, passion– that’s the realness that you get a sense of in “Live From”. Watching it you realize or remember that there are people making good music, that there is a sub-culture of skilled artists doing what they love, that there is a burgeoning movement… Don’t you want to me a part of it?

  33. Crys Breezy Says:


  34. XPLANE N SANE Says:


  35. iamhueman Says:

    A taste of what was missed for those of us that can’t rhyme out til the crack of dawn! Love it. Homeboy Sandman in night vision, fitting. Sweet Air Raid jam. I looooove the AOK crew. Yes, I dig the outfit. Is this going to be on cable?

  36. Nikkobya Says:

    We believe we can fly!!!!!!! Sandman is the TRUTH! xoxo

  37. J.Renee Says:

    I’m a girl with a big appetite. I’m never left hungry after listening to Homeboy Sandman.

  38. Kal Says:

    That was hot!!! We need someone like him down here in Da South. Tight work!!!

  39. Rapskalion the Earthmartian Says:

    Homeboy Sandman got plans man/ spit so hot he’ll give you a tan man/ even if you ain’t standing in front row/ the energy displayed is volcano pumped smoke/ peace to the brother who believed in my hand/ spilling out art like it was weaved in my skin/ the facts are actual like pterodactyl fossils/ we leaving footprints bigger than comet potholes!!

  40. Gangbang Says:

    HOT SHIT!!! Somebody sign Homeboy please!!!

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