Demarco ft. Grafh – Fallen Soldiers (Remix)

Demarco ft. Grafh – Fallen Soldiers (Remix)

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4 Responses to “Demarco ft. Grafh – Fallen Soldiers (Remix)”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    I can honestly say I’ve never been to any of the other geezers’ blogs who comprise the NewMusicCartel. Are they any good? Am I missing out or are they similar to Nahright except they don’t have as many dickheads lurking in the comments?


    I notice DMX said some r kelly shit on that ‘How’s it going down’

    Ya man said 54 11 size 7 in girls, baby face looking like she was 11 with curls…Ayo

    Fun fact for the youngins:

    They call them 54 11’s because with taxes they cost 54.11….Word up..that was in the 80’s

  3. MP3: Demarco (Feat. Grafh) - Fallen Soldiers (Remix) « HipHopScholar(Est.1974) Says:

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  4. bizzle Says:

    for sure that was in the 80’s the youngins dont’ know or if you do you gotta an old soul :-)

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