Audio: Benzino Speaks on Kim Osorio, Curtis & Eminem

Benzino speaks with Kendra G.

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9 Responses to “Audio: Benzino Speaks on Kim Osorio, Curtis & Eminem”

  1. dino pope Says:

    ken drag?

  2. thekid10705 Says:

    all credibility gets thrown out the window once you start sucking astists’ off!!

  3. M.Tyson Says:

    dont we all know how The Source ethered itself?who cares

  4. no Says:

    this guy’s a clown

  5. durban Says:


  6. argetmoney Says:

    this nigga benzino is a cornball. he needs to worry about gettin back in the music biz, paying kim, and getting his moms a house

  7. SB Says:

    haha funny, two days after the post, this only has 4 comments…well now 5.
    this guy is a tragedy.

  8. BlackPressRadio Says:

    Oh please……Barbara Walters would bang 50 Cents….so that point is moot. However, Kim Osorio has a lot of credibility in the media industry. Check her resume or better yet….listen to Kim speak herself in the exclusive interview at (keyword: Kim Osorio) or

    Blow jobs to 50 Cents? Late night meetings with the nation’s hottest rap elite? All while battling a record-breaking sexual harassment lawsuit against employer THE SOURCE – or so the rumors go.

    When first broke the story in January 2008 that Kim Osoriowas writing a new book (then entitled, “Hip Hop Diaries: Trials, Tribulations and the Truth”), things got ugly real fast for those who didnt want her story to come out.

  9. Jeff Scott Says:


    Big props to Kim!! In the book, she says that they used to call The Source “MagaZino”


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