Video: Chamillionaire & Trae the Truth Volunteer

These two give a helping hand to those affected by Hurricane Ike. Fastforward to 2:42 to hear their rationale about filming it vs. people calling them out for not helping out. Makes sense.

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11 Responses to “Video: Chamillionaire & Trae the Truth Volunteer”

  1. blaze22 Says:

    Just watched The Wackness. It was a good movie. Great soundtrack.

  2. BKScribe Says:

    i never bought a chamillionaire album…

    but based on his last video and this clip.. i respect his grizzly

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Correct BK. It was a messy situation. As soon I puked I knew I was in some shit. All over her gash, all over her legs, all over the bottom of her skirt. I couldn’t do anything but look at her weirdly and mumble something about brushing my teeth. Then I legged it.

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    That’s some shit 911, never underestimate the sneakiness. Is there a ‘neutral’ government body that looks at and assesses the voting process? I’m sure there is but they weren’t on their job when Jeb fucked it up. Impartiality doesn’t seem to be a big thing in the US. *daps*

  5. BKScribe Says:

    LMAO @ Eng.. man i can’t imagine the scene.

  6. bxconnect Says:

    i heard about that 911.Obama will still win.theres millions of new registered voters out that will vote for him.still i hope ninjas arm themselves with cam cords and there video phones when they go to the know just in course they throw up some road blocks or try to deny us the right to vote.those conservative republicans are a scary bunch of devils.

    peace engrep nation and everyone else.


  7. bxconnect Says:

    my bad R.I.P yankee stadium.typo.

    by the way i called all my cousins down south and told them get there black asses out and vote.

  8. ant Says:

    who seen lakeview teraace?
    good movie or not so much?

  9. gr3um5 Says:

    Z-RO – Crack
    thus HOUSTON !!!

  10. alwayzambitious Says:

    Wow that was the sweetest thing ive seen so far. I love hip hop much respect and love goes out to Chamillionaire

    ( from BK NYC )

  11. Luke Says:

    trae & cham..good shit…..

    lakeview terrace…..wait for it to come out on TNT

    *dont say I didnt warn you

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