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Video: Lady Luck vs. Reece Steele

Lady Luck battles Reece Steele, who is the broad who won on Miss Rap Supreme.

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17 Responses to “Video: Lady Luck vs. Reece Steele”

  1. duyukid Says:


  2. not even hatin Says:

    owwww 2nd?

  3. Strongchef Says:

    reece is garbage

  4. Mr. Papagiorgio aka Cocky Maivia Says:

    i can’t fuckin stand the way nikki minaj sounds. . . she lucky she look like she’d be the best fuck since your first love. . . .

  5. Fly Ty Says:

    she’s recycling the only verses I know from her..the ones on the Remy battle..sooo wack..

  6. 911 Says:

    wow, I didn’t even know woman rap. who knew?

  7. E-Side LBC Says:

    Didn’t Remy Already Muuuurder Her. SMH

  8. Smitty Says:


  9. 41Five Says:

    damn luck is nice on the mic…not too many females that can spit that hard

  10. The great Says:

    geeeez this was a wack battle!!

  11. +1 Says:

    hip-hop died again

  12. BXNY Says:

    LUCK killed it! She’s better than a lot of male mc’s nowdays! props

  13. brick city bandit Says:

    lady luck is not from the brick city.that bitch is from teaneck..just becuse you be downtown newark selling your garbage ass mix cd, dont mean your from newark..the illest female’s from the brick city are rah digga,roz (redman sister) and lauren hill(she’s from so orange) but she still apart of the bricks..we dont want you lady luck,claim where your really from TEANECK!!!!

  14. DANJ! Says:

    Rece wins automatically… neither of ’em really brought it but Luck with all that stoppin’ and stutterin’? If she was in front of a crowd with all that, she’d have been booed the fukk out of.

  15. da jorn ree Says:

    this shit suck ass. i’ll battle both them bitches. it.s about philly bitches

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  17. beedybang Says:

    I banged both of em same nite while they freestylin in my luv lot

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