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Nicki Minaj ft. Ne-Yo – Miss Independent (Remix)


Nicki Minaj ft. Ne-Yo – Miss Independent (Remix)

via Mr. X

Previously: Ransom ft. Nicki Minaj – Big Bidness

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26 Responses to “Nicki Minaj ft. Ne-Yo – Miss Independent (Remix)”

  1. david blackham Says:


  2. gr3um5 Says:

    she looks like a porno gurl

  3. Jtang Says:

    unflattering pic

  4. Culture Shock! Says:

    I don’t really care if she’s independent, but I do wanna liberate her box from those panties.

  5. SeeAmI? Says:

    Camel Toe…

  6. 123 Says:

    I’d smash.

  7. Ron Says:

    dis chick don’t wear nothing unless it make her pussy look thick(something to fall back when them bars ain’t up to par). she need to kick out a good song. I been hearing so many weak and boring 16 bar verses thats making rap music so uninspiring. ( although that last Camp Lo post was hot tho)

  8. SB Says:

    look at that beautiful moose knuckle between her legs.

  9. Dr Flav Says:

    If this is official, that was a good look for Wayne and Young Money to get gal the Neyo placement.

  10. eskay Says:

    ^its not a real mix guy

  11. King Elz Says:

    Yo why my comments being moderated b?

  12. King Elz Says:

    Yo why my comments being moderated b?

  13. King Elz Says:

    I wanna comment on that beautiful snatch also. I’ll eat that shit like fish, which is my favorite dish.

  14. King Elz Says:

    LF- Ray-J’s reality show casting is gonna have a lot of hood boogers on there. Should’nt be a suprise tho. You should see the bitches being cast LMAO. Bitches will do anything for that fame.

  15. jaydon the don Says:

    this bitch wack and need to get off foxy clit. she lookin ripe tho.

  16. that guy Says:

    this bitch wack and need to get off foxy clit. she lookin ripe tho.

    lyrically, yes. sexually? no

  17. Bayan Says:

    did any1 care to check her track out?
    i guess the pic is enuff

  18. Jewtino Says:

    I thought Camu Tao was dead yo, looks like he just moved South.

  19. Inf Says:

    after looking at the camel toe i finally noticed u posted a song up

  20. cameltoe Says:

    that camel would make alot of men happy imagine doggystyle in that venus flytrap

  21. elgindotcom Says:

    i heard a few freestyles from her that were pretty strong.. unique voice, witty punchlines, nice flow, open about being bisexual… i like her.

  22. Dr Flav Says:

    Thanks for the info es, I read a spread on you on some site, good job you ole Bun B lookin ass… lol ***chucks up the duece for the irony***

  23. Aeko Says:

    Camel Toe Alarm!!!

  24. Freeway - Hustlaz Prayer - mp3REUP.com - Your Mixtape and Hip Hop Music Headquarters Says:

    […] While i’m at it, get some neck from Nicki Minaj That bitch is fine, Weezy Wee you gotta put me on […]

  25. paisley Says:

    did i click on pinkyxxx?

  26. Timi Dawodu Says:

    I wanna fuck this chick.

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