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USDA ft. Boo Rossini & Trick Daddy – Black Dreams


Didn’t the last USDA album go cloth or some shit?

USDA ft. Boo Rossini & Trick Daddy – Black Dreams

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8 Responses to “USDA ft. Boo Rossini & Trick Daddy – Black Dreams”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    LOL at the porn requests…ya’ll some perverted horny bastards

  2. the watcherz Says:

    black kicks, black chicks, black cofee, black gums, dingy navy black shirt, niggas in hood named black

  3. Eastern_Digital Says:


    still mad dope

  4. sfbeats Says:

    that beat is fucking nuts…

  5. Spooda Says:

    Dear Jeezy: I see ya Jockin Young Dro, Jockin Young Dro…Jockin-Jockin Young Dro

  6. JoMoses Says:

    They went gold….

  7. Darbouze Says:

    I sense some hate it went gold bro

  8. The nigga who marketed USDA Says:

    do your homework they went GOLD album.. and a million ringtones with NO RADIO/VIDEO AIRPLAY… ! BITCHES!

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