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Tom Gist – Sixteen 16’s (Mixtape)

You’re gonna have to work for this one.

Here are 4 tracks.

Tom Gist – Broadband

Tom Gist – Freestyle

Tom Gist – Daddy’s Lil Baby Pt.1 (Prod. By Ron Browz)

Tom Gist – Sacrifice

Go see these guys for the rest: Mr. X, 2DBz & Splash.

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9 Responses to “Tom Gist – Sixteen 16’s (Mixtape)”

  1. benhameen Says:

    Where the fuck have you been Benny?

    man you wouldnt believe it if i told you….wait for the book

  2. Nanyanen Says:

    latepass: Cons is dope. The boy’s pen game is original. For me, he really made Beats, Rhymes, Rhythms and Life what it is.

    I can’t stop laughing at the teeth jokes, but Im never going to throw one in a comment again.

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Gimme the rundown Benny (nope). You got caught up in some proper shit didn’t ya?

  4. YBE Says:

    this dude is weak eskay…

  5. DJ Daddy Mack Says:

    “Also, what’s this I’m hearing about “SLU” being dropped from the Paper Trail tracklist?”

    that is just retarded

  6. EnglandRepresent Says:

    this dude is weak eskay…

    ^^Yeah but he’s got nahright.com plastered across the bottom of his mixtape, of course he’s gonna get his shine.

  7. Killa Cameron Says:

    yo, he went hard on public enemy #1

  8. EHMSEE Says:

    X and splash took their Tom Gist shit off their blog…what gives?

  9. neomerge Says:

    word how can i get the tom gist shit that they took off their blog?

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