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Video: Young Jeezy Interview w/ Angie Martinez

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24 Responses to “Video: Young Jeezy Interview w/ Angie Martinez”

  1. Big Homie Says:

    Angie Martinez’ voice >

  2. KilluminattI7 Says:


  3. R.J.Orion Says:

    EPMD > Outkast

  4. gr3um5 Says:

    September 17th, 2008 at 8:41 pm
    Deep North Says:

    September 17th, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    Sorry having sons in the game doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Outkast with the dungeon family is more a movement and sound with people like backbone though he didnt blow, goodie mob, and the of the respective cast. And we arent talking record sales because even maybe the clipse have outsold the Lox though I make no claims here.

    yall, u can say all u want, it’s just some case… not generality
    in general, when u make ya best effort u have ya best success
    but (not when u come for the first time as jay or nas or other cuz people don’t know at the start and then become crazy and in love and so sells are in elevation with more commercial stuff and ish like dat)
    but u talk about a collectif of rapper… never a collectif of rapper had a real success … even Dipset it’s not important. only fame was enormous
    but the album together wasn’t big success too. so u see

  5. R.J.Orion Says:

    DeLaSoul > Outkast

  6. Big Homie Says:

    Hall & Oates > Oukast

  7. R.J.Orion Says:

    Slum Village > Outkast

  8. KilluminattI7 Says:

    Eric B. & RaKim > OutKast

  9. R.J.Orion Says:

    Big Homie Says:

    September 17th, 2008 at 9:06 pm
    Hall & Oates > Oukast


    emphatic co-sign

  10. gr3um5 Says:


  11. R.J.Orion Says:

    *straight face*

    P.M. Dawn > Outkast

  12. R.J.Orion Says:

    smilez & southstar > outkast

  13. benhameen Says:

    yall nigs is on straight crack

    Outkast > any other group other than WU, PE, RUN DMC

  14. duyukid Says:

    Yo.. that A Pinks vid was real…

    much respect.

  15. R.J.Orion Says:

    *really though*

    DasEFX > Outkast
    Brand Nubian > Outkast
    Cypress Hill > Outkast
    ATCQ > Outkast
    Little Brother > Outkast
    Ill & Al Skratch > Outkast
    Sunz Of Man > Outkast


  16. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Junior MAFIA > Outkast

  17. R.J.Orion Says:

    thats right, thanks benha

    RunDMC > outkast
    Piblic Enemy > outkast
    The Fat Boys > Outkast
    Kid & Play > Outkast

  18. gr3um5 Says:

    duyukid Says:

    September 17th, 2008 at 9:14 pm
    Yo.. that A Pinks vid was real…

    much respect.

    ^real synonyme of poor, mess and without creativy
    but yeah

  19. R.J.Orion Says:

    Bone Thugz > Outkast

    word to phoenixxx

  20. Big Homie Says:

    Ill & Al Scratch > Outkast

  21. R.J.Orion Says:

    NWA > Outkast

  22. farsideoff Says:

    I think everyone should get 5 greater than signs a month, you keep use it like a space bar

  23. gr3um5 Says:

    “>” > “

  24. swizzy Says:

    wow that’s mad embarrassing! michael phelps actually listens to weezy before every race–“i’m me” specifically…which is why when he hosted SNL, they made sure to make lil wayne the musical guest

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