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Video: Glasses Malone – Malone

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9 Responses to “Video: Glasses Malone – Malone”

  1. foekist Says:

    until your net worth tops out at over 500 million, you don’t matter to those people anyway.


    now I agree with that. Eskay, I think we agree to disagree on this one. the true illuminati understands human nature more than the rest of us.

    They don’t give two shits about those little bullshit videos being posted on youtube that tells the truth, because they know that 92% of the messages conveyed to us via mainstream media is that of a government that could NEVER be a part of such corruptness.

    they also know the importance of edification… meaning, we humans believe messages based solely upon the esteem we hold the person to that we’re receiving the message through. Case and point, famous people doing endorsements.

    If the President and Jay Z tell us that point A is the truth, and dude with the low budget youtube is saying point B is the truth, there’s no way dude with the youtube video has enough clout to over turn the opinion of the majority, who are going to listen to what Jay Z says and hold it as the truth. Even if it’s not.

  2. nation Says:

    there are two women… but there are no two waynes

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    Fuck a rapper, bitch I got kids to feed, so fuck what he said, or what the nigga did to me

  4. R.J.Orion Says:

    y’all chill. you never know. eskay and his minions could be PART of the conspiracy. ??? diverting our attention from real issues with state of the art, hiphop blogging. while his Illumined co-horts track our thoughts, conversations, and other personal info, with their giant databases they’ve established based on our comments and uploads. nation already displayed his supreme access to our online privacy.

    it could happen.

    and you CANNOT apply, or work your way up to 3rD Mason.

    there are rituals to be performed and completed, and everyone isnt even capable of bearing those. Deacons of the Temples prepare certain candidates based on their abilities to complete those rituals. and i have nothing further to say about the matter.


    This dude has beef with game??

  6. foekist Says:

    shit, RJ, you know so much about it, maybe YOU could be the enemy..

    *walks backward, slowly, reaching for the door knob*

  7. eskay Says:

    >>shit, RJ, you know so much about it, maybe YOU could be the enemy..

    that’s what I’m saying.

    nah, that’s bullshit Land, I know for a fact that you can work your way up to 3rd Degree. I saw the special on the National Geographic Channel just like you did nigga. now, if you tell me otherwise, I have no choice but to believe that you are a Mason yourself.


    The old dipset manager going in…damn

  9. Maurice Garland Says:


    blue and red don’t make green…it makes purple…or maybe it was money reference going over my head? yeah, thats it…

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